Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Coming along

I ran out of fabric ... because I didn’t quite know my plan with my original purchase until I ‘got there.’ Then, I expected a week or more delay while my written request to the out-of-town fabric shop was processed. Was I surprised when I received my order in 3 days! So, back to work tomorrow with a wide border, then ... I don’t know what after that..

The border has taken me some time. The triangles are made from the trimmings of the pseudo flying geese. Note the center spacer in each border. I had to do some fiddling where they meet in the middle. I’ve learned to start at the ends, and work towards the middle. If I had figured more precisely with the first narrow green strip, I wouldn’t have run into that problem, but ... do you ever enjoy boxing yourself into a corner and then enjoy solving the problem?

Now, even though I’ve been quilting many years, those spacers threw me. It WAS early in the AM, and no kidding, I messed up 5-6 times before I did it correctly. Something about lights being on, but nobody home? Some days are like that.


Anonymous said...

Cool quilt - love the subtle foresty colors. Will there be another border? Do you machine quilt or hand quilt or use a long-arm machine?


Anonymous said...

Hey Earleen, it looks great. Thanks for your work and letting me view the beauitful quilt. I hope this gets through to you as I try to figure out what to do next. This is my first time on a BLOG.
The Saint of Lincoln

Fiona said...

Hi Elaine, thanks for visiting my blog. I love your string quilts - lucky you to have the time to quilt. I like your description of the place you live too - sounds very different from where I live!

May Britt said...

Just discovered your blog and have added it to my bloglines. You make beautiful quilts. The Water log cabin is wonderful. Have never seen anyone use log cabin this way. Did you cut the original log cabin in the corners and added the cornes oposit colours??