Thursday, April 17, 2008

Going to town

Today was the day for the dreaded Mammogram. Dreaded only because I hate it, but grateful that for me, it's a routine procedure. Ladies, don't put it off!

The receptionist asked too many questions, where do I work, what do I do, etc., and my patience was finally at it's limit and I asked, "just why do you ask all these unrelated questions?" She replied, "In case someone steals your identity!" Duhhhh, like if someone stole my identity, they would have a mammogram? ROTFL !!!!!

While I was waiting in 'the room' with that equipment, I glanced at the stack of magazines, and what do you think I found? TWO quilt books! Turns out the technician was a newbie quilter, her mother-in-law is an acquaintance in my quilt guild, and when I left, she gave me a present of blank x-ray film for applique design! That dreaded event turned out unexpectedly pleasant!

Going to town is a 120 mile round trip. I worked in the morning, and I am definitely a Senior Citizen, and I missed my nap so it's a big deal to do all the doctoring, shopping, etc, and make it home before dark (in case deer are on the road - CRASH, you know) -- I'm worn to a frazzle, and didn't even stop at the Quilt Shop! I found this new set of dishes -- they make me so happy, I want to make new yellow and white checked kitchen curtains!

I stopped at K-Mart, wanting to look at a humidifier,and was surprised that they didn't sell humidifiers, they sold Humidificators! Just spelling that silly word makes me laugh. I told DH, and we spent the evening coming up with new words, the thermostaticator, refrigicator, dishwashicator ... where do these new words come from?

Back to my sewing machine and binding a quilt for Show and Tell Saturday at Quilt Guild. Photo soon of the Spools Quilt.

Hope you all have a lovely quilt-y weekend.


Lindah said...

Humidicator? That's a new one on me. Thank goodness for laughter after a long, stressful day, eh?
Your new dishes are so pretty and summery.

Purple Pam said...

So glad you made it home safe and sound after such a memorable day! I like the dishes, too.

Owens Family Adventures said...

Bravo!! going in for your mammogram!! Good for you!

Margo said...

Mammo ...hate the word...because I had breast cancer I opted for an MRI this next time....which ia soon....Ugh!!...but it can be a life saver....Spring is here and makes me want to do some freshening up of my know how that is...just found your site and really enjoyed it...I have a saying and not sure where I got it but the 'person who laughs LASTS'...

Marilyn said...

I love Margo saying up above. Good one--gotta remember it. Love your dishes, Elaine. Have a nice quilty weekend, too.

jane said...

Having had very early radical surgery I have had to have mammograms for 30 yrs or so.
I have this stack of them...had to hand them over recently and is my PhD.
It weighs enough.
The place I used to go to was in the city and you saw a Dr straight afterwards and she would always say, what Beautiful Breasts.....while I cringed.
Yep still ok. The heavy folder returned when the Dr came to visit yesterday.

Beth said...

OHH I love the dishes! Check curtains would complete the look. Thanks for the chuckle. I just found a site that tickled my funny bone too: My dd flies with Japanese pilots...they speak VERY good English..but SOMETIMES these come out! Too cute!

sMC said...

love the dishes mine is green tea please maybe a cookie.;)

andsewitis Holly said...

My mammo is coming up. I don't mind them. I'd have one every day of the year if I could get out of doing the pap. You always make me chuckle. :-)

Cute dishes!

Tanya said...

That's a great way to brighten up a dreaded experience. If my doctor offered blank x-ray film I might think more fondly of the procedure! And that film works great! I friend's doctor father gave me a couple sheets and I loved them!

Evelyn aka Starfishy said...

If it makes you feel any better - there is a big stolen identity thing going on that has to do with people using someone else's insurance for medical issues. So - I think they are asking more "unrelated" questions these days for the file in case there is any insurance dispute and to prove that YOU were actually the patient.


Marcie said...

I read everyones excellent comments, but I am still laughing at the humi-deficator! What ere they thinking?

Nettie said...

Isn't it great how that quilting connection can transform any interaction into a party? I have this with a colleague at the uni. IN the midst of commiserating abt work, we can always switch to quilting talk!

Love, love those dishes. What are they called? They remind me of ones we had as kids.

So impressed that you hand-quilted the spools quilt and i love how dynamic it looks. Fabulous job!