Sunday, February 24, 2008

Animal Strings - DONE

I posted this recently, but today it's DONE. And done in time for the Linus Project deadline.

In my opinion, a LOT of quilting was needed to blend the raucous colors to some degree. I quilt on my DSM. And I had to use one color, a medium brown/tan, that still is too obvious but what else can one do with this project? The beginning quilting is always better than the end quilting since by the time one gets near the end, one is really getting tired of the job! We quilters could use a new book that helps us carry on with enthusiasm after the excitement of a new quilt begins to wane, and we get to the "I'm sick of looking at it" stage! If you have one, drop me a line.

Below is a closer shot of the topographical contour pattern. This took a LOT of quilting, and impatience DID enter the picture.

I'm trying to show the quilting with better lighting. Not sure it's successful, but again, it's DONE.

I quilted stars in the cream border with a light thread, and in the outer border, straight boxy lines, trying to follow the darker lines in the check.


Pam said...

I like your quilting. I really like your design, too. It will be well loved, I am sure.

Kim said...

This quilt looks so different now that it's quilted. Isn't it something how the quilting changes them so? Very nice!

Jeanne said...

It looks great. Someone will cuddle up in this quilt and love it. Great finish.

Mary said...

Very cute. I get tired of looking at a quilt after I get the blocks finished and before I get them assembled. Once it's a top, it usually ages on the shelf a while and then it feels *new* again when I take it out to quilt.

Twila Grace said...

I love the dalmation spots! My experience with a quilt over time is different. I become very attached to the project/quilt. Then when I'm done, I actually go through separation sadness and miss it greatly. It happens with every one!

Lisa Boyer said...

Gorgeous quilt! I have the same "I'm sick of looking at it" problem. So I keep several projects going at once, one per day, and at the end of the day, I fold each one up and put it away and toss/sort all the scraps, so there isn't a single piece of it left out. A few days without seeing a single color in it makes me appreciate it when I take it out again. When your eyes take a total break from it, you can "see" it again!