Tuesday, November 16, 2021

At last, one job FINISHED!!!

 What can this be?  Surely, not a quilt project!  I'm trying to get so many different "jobs" done, and have been unsuccessful at checking them off my "to do" list - seems like everything is NOT done, yet these  homemade butterhorn rolls are done and delicious!  

35 lined all up, like little soldiers. 

32 made it to storage - wonder where 3 of them disappeared to??? 

I am bringing the rolls (not a single burned one!) to dinner with friends.  The pot holders will live in her house now.  

Seems like Cardio P.T. is taking up so much of my time, at 3 times a week, still continuing for another 2 months.  Yes, it's necessary, and a pleasant experience, yet there is no dilly-dallying.  Roof issues are almost finished, business issues still are undone, home improvements have come to a halt with winter hanging over, Thanksgiving and Christmas are both "looming" - wish I had a more positive adjective to describe a lovely time of year, my printer won't print which results in numerous projects undone, and I have a "new" phone on the counter, still in it's unopened Fed-X wrapper, staring at me, challenging me to get that project on it's way.  Furnace filter ordered, air compressor hardware reconfigured so I can blow out used filters.  Oh yes, and I'm planning on  learning some cost savings tricks on my "Smart TV" and eventually may even drop my TV/Cable access since the programming is so unrewarding.   All overwhelming projects - no time to concentrate on any of them, and very little time spent on quilting. Gotta remember, "One Day at a Time."  I'm exhausted.

I miss my man.  8-(((