Friday, May 27, 2016

Hot Point Washing Machine - RANT - Be Aware

If you have not purchased a new washing machine recently, you may be  unpleasantly surprised. 

First, I don't KNOW what a High Efficiency Washing Machine is so I will eliminate that from my conversation except to say that I am skeptical of all marketing ads.  I am presuming the lessons I learned are similar on those machines as well.    (Poor quality photo on white background)
Hotpoint 3.6 DOE cu. ft. Top Load Washer in White

In January, my old standard top-loading washing machine quit - it was all of 10 years old.   I live far out from major cities, so our choices are fewer, we have to eventually pay for the overall freight, but I did expect the Hotpoint top-loading machine, made by GE, would wash my clothes.  I don't want the latest and greatest, nor one with gizmos that break, I just wanted a machine to wash my clothing.  No, I did not ask many questions - the salesman doesn't know about washing clothes and the Instruction Booklet is inside a sealed packet.)  And, who would EVER think of asking such questions that I was about to learn?????)  Yes, I had to pay ... how much????   $560.00 and that is with $100.00 off?  It was one of the lower priced units, nothing fancy, but I presumed it would wash my clothing.

OK, installed, ready to go, reading the booklet and was surprised at the instructions speaking about "new method", "new technology" - "always a scarey term), "quieter",  uh oh.  I set it on WARM water, other dial on  Medium load.  I moved the cheap dial "load size" halfway between Heavy and Small but nothing would start until I turned it even past SMALL.   The dial is sloppy, no incremental clicks to it - Impossible to indicate where Medium is.    hmmmm to myself.  As I was leaning over putting in the clothes, the open lid fell down on my face/nose, knocking my glasses into the washer.  Yikes - that hurt!  Nope, no method to HOLD it open.  It "teeters" unsteadily.  I need to hold it open for safety with one hand while using the other hand to load.  Handy?    If it falls on my hand or fingers, there will be physical damage.  I can only imagine the damage to a child's hand!

Uh, the WARM water is really quite cold - hmmm, ????  OK, set it on HOT.  Uh oh, it's not HOT at all, kinda tepid -- not even warm enough for a shower!  TEPID.  Perhaps I need to reread the instructions?  Water from the neighboring laundry tub is plenty HOT and robust as it comes from the tap - same plumbing line.  Not HOT in the washer, and taking a very long time to fill as it kinda trickles in

OK, water level is set on Medium -- I have what I call a medium load, yet it started whirring when the water was barely visible above the clothes!  And yes it is whirring, not sloshing, definitely not agitating, barely any action, no clothing turnover at all - I'd have more movement of clothing by hand washing!!!  I added more water from the laundry tap, with a nearby bucket!  After re-re-reading the instructions, it is definitely set on the "highest" level of washing action.  I can only dread what the "gentle" or "permanent press" settings might be!  CRAP!  During this whirring action at one time it almost demonstrated a small bit of energy, for all of 9-11 actions.  Yes, I counted how many times it moved faster - I won't call it agitating.  Back and forth 9-11 times, but just sloshing, -- at NO time did it "agitate".  This is NOT good ladies.  I cannot believe it will clean any clothing at this rate.  Fortunately we are just 2 Senior Citizens, not much mud in our home, no babies, no kids, little gardening, no greasy clothing, so I cannot answer the question, "does the washer get things clean?"   Of further irritation is that for 20 years I have been using my own home-made washing soap, which saves me $120/yr over standard Tide, etc.  I'm not sure what do to about that subject either.

Investigation via YouTube turns up this info - I am not alone with my complaints!  "The "heat sensor, per EPA regulations,  keeps the "HOT" water at 94 degrees. "  Just try and take a shower with 94-degree water!  Waaaay too cold!  Additionally, this sensor limitation slows down the filling process, making the entire process much slower.  I presume this "sensor" is on ALL newer washing machines if it is an EPA reg.   There is some mumbo-jumbo advertising about "quieter" but yes, it's quieter because there is so little movement.  And since it takes longer to fill, it is NOT quieter during filling time. which is longer than expected.  I don't care about "quiet", I wanted clean clothing and I certainly expected hot water!  The dial says HOT!   The dial does not say "tepid"!

So --- EPA is telling us how to do our laundry.  I have sorta solved this problem by filling 6-8 buckets of hot water from the nearby tap and pouring it into the washer.  Handy, huh????  Will EPA be forcing the water heater companies how hot to allow the hot water heater? 

And the last irritation - there is NO buzzer to indicate the load is DONE.   I have never heard of a machine without a buzzer. 

My final comment is to young women who are just starting housekeeping and think this poor level of quality is the norm.  I am calling this washing machine "Pathetic".  Really, Hot Point, you can do better!!!

Some of my friends said "take it back" but frankly I am now embarrassed and I believe from what I read, they all work this way. 

I would welcome comments. 

Friday, May 13, 2016

Pineapple, Photo #3, and Rejected Blocks

 I'm getting close to the end of making blocks.  Oh dear - there is my Mom's afghan  in the photo that she made for me about 50 years ago!!!  I haven't changed colors yet! 

A few of the blocks were getting too dark, due to the dark centers of the "O" block so I started using more tans, mustards and rusts.  Then I had a few pinks that didn't seem to go - I took off the too-pink corners and replaced with darker strips, but left a few in, just for orneriness!  Rows are 7 x 9, so I'm getting there.  DH will be happy when the "design floor" is usable again.  I'm guessing I'll border it in something very light, like the blocks.

(Tip: If a person used a light center in the "x" blocks, this entire quilt would be much lighter. )

Below are 4 traditional blocks I started with, trying to figure what I wanted, but that center beige was not attractive with the clear pinks and blues.  The block scrappiness was OK, not what I was planning, so these didn't make the grade.  Sometimes we quilters have to play a while before we figure out what we want.  ( hmmm - I could applique a different color to cover up the beige and work them into a pillow ... ) 

Note - if you have not made this design, be aware that where the corners meet is where you get a LOT of visual design!  The pineapple quilt above ended up with spool-like motifs, due to the alternate "O" block. 
 DH dared me to take his photo - he smiled but had recently endured a tooth extraction.  That's the first smile I saw all day.  Better than the swollen cheek he had a few days ago.  He's recovering just fine. 

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Another Pineapple Version, Photo 2

Between getting groceries, working on P.T. at Wellness Center, helping DH after dental surgery today, pick up prescription,  I threw these additional blocks together.  27 done, need 63.  I'm really liking it!

(Note - no cooking, no dishes, no walks, no shower, no cleaning, etc.  Hey, this ole gal deserved to choose her vices! )

I already have ideas for the leftovers!  Oh dear - when will I have enuf? 

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Another Pineapple Version

This one is truly scrappy, in my favorite colors, I call "foresty".  There are 2 different blocks, called "X" and "O".  I'm aiming for 63 blocks, 7 x 9.  Blocks are 8 inches finished, and strips are cut 1.5.  I used the maker's ruler, especially made for pineapple quilts. 

Hmmmm - this one looks a lot like another one, finished a few months ago.  I'm really LIKING these!!!  I found the DVD on Annie's Craft Catalog, and the designer is a lady engineer, Gyleen Fitzgerald.  I believe a person can sign up for her on-line class, but I chose the DVD. 

Tuesday, May 03, 2016

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

The "good" - I've a few more rows made - I have always loved this design  It is so simple, yet gives the visual illusion if the rows are arranged correctly!  This is called Pinwheels and 4-Patches.  There are many versions from many places.  I think this is the 5th I've made.  Great stash user.  IMHO, my choice of fabrics worked best then the colors were of similar value.  However, every single time I make a blanket statement as if I know what I'm talking about, someone shows me a quilt that is totally opposite what I had just suggested, and the new version is stunning!!!

The "bad", after 10 inches of heavy wet snow.  They WERE beautiful!!!

 Snow gone already, but tulips are fairly bedraggled
 A mess of poppies - unaffected by snow ... they grow so thick, few weeks can get thru.

For weeks we've been watching a dove nest, then a chick, right over the front porch, watching it from in the living room.  this morning -- uuhhhh, those white things?? not snow, not all dandelions - this is the "Ugly" ..... feathers.  ...not a good sign.  

Another not good sign - this is the fledgling - looking for cover?   

 The "Ugly" .. that's a hawk right in the front yard - I never saw one so close, so aggressive - it was not even scared of me.  I don't know what kind it is - not a big bird.  The robins and other doves were hollering and making a big commotion, trying to scare it away. 
I always thought when I saw a pile of feathers in the yard, it was signs of a cat's attack.  Not so.  Sorry about that, cats.  

I did what I could and moved the fledgling to another branch - I could not reach the nest. 

More of the "Ugly" ... in the end, the chick disappeared.  8-(     Everyone's gotta eat.   8-(