Saturday, April 25, 2020

Garlic Knots Finished , and a Swing

Garlic Knots, from Quiltville, done - I added the "cross" sashing to fill up the white space between blocks.  Border was my own idea and someone called it a "zipper" design.  The border was done using a ruler, but my DSM has issues when MQ'ing backwards.  Suggestions anyone?  It can handle going backwards at an angle, just not straight back.  Stitches are terrible, so I unsewed and redid a LOT of stitches - shoulda checked after the first few.

For years, the swing has been a planned purchase, "for when the deck is redone" - let's face it -- a wood deck will ALWAYS need to be redone!  Bomgaars, a huge Farm/Ranch store, has everything and the swing was On Sale.   When I checked out, I thought she undercharged me - "No, you get an additional 10%".  And, they delivered it, no charge, and refused tip.   I baked them cookies today, a small Thank You for excellent service.   

Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Newish techniques, old favorite things

Garlic Knots - I'm practicing ruler work in the border - tedious, but kinda cool as well.  I lost my way, here and there.  Seams under the ruler sometimes helped, sometimes hindered.  I need to improve on sharper corners, and I also wish I had left more extra batting and backing on the outside of the border, to grip.  Two more sides to do, then just binding and it will be D O N E!  

I added a strip of sandpaper to the back of my ruler.   It might not be needed by others but helped me hold onto the fabric.  No technique is perfect - I had to make other adjustments when using this ruler, such as changing the large screw on the foot, to a smaller screw which allowed the ruler to slide under.  Also, it's still difficult to use this ruler behind the foot but must change to a  thinner ruler,  or else modify my approach to the quilting.  All do-able.  Live and learn.

I found this treasure among DH's stuff -- almost 100 years old.  

The pictures are kinda Amish in nature - something about being neat and tidy, use each day to the fullest, etc.  The beer box holds CDs, and the current one is called Ansel Adams - a very calming  instrumental.  The pencil sharpener?  Occasionally the top of the player needs some "weight" to play the CDs.  Yep, that's my technology solution - better than a brick! 

Wow, those white walls are glaring!  I need more stuff on the walls.  No curtain fabric has arrived yet. 

Thursday, April 09, 2020

Garlic Knots - MQ'ing, DSM

Basting is my least favorite part of quiltmaking, but years ago, I bought 2 folding picnic tables and have used them frequently.  I even have risers to use when standing up.  I've also decided I have better success using both spray and pins.  This pattern came from Bonnie Hunter/Quiltville - I KNEW she would have the pesky pressing details worked out.  The only constant is the background and the little purple in the cross center.  This went faster than I expected.  It's about 70" x 80".  Someone called my border a "zipper" design.  

 Oh great - My backing was pieced horizontally, but I basted it on vertically and "missed" a few inches of backing at the bottom.  I even marked the batting with Upper Right, Lower Left.  Shoulda marked the backing.   Duhhhhh!  Fortunately, I have extra, but still, it's exasperating, isn't it? 

This is my simple quilting design for a busy, allover pattern.  My thread is Metler Silk Finish, variegated pastels, very light, on top and bottom.  Schmetz has a new "Chrome" top stitching needle/14,  - so far, so good. 
You can barely see the thread on the back.
 Thread is barely visible on the front as well - just texture.  This is quilted on my DSM.
Curtains for my newly reorganized Studio - Hobby Lobby is closed - they always had good choices for simple cafe curtains but they are closed for who-knows-how-long and I found a plaid fabric on sale at Keepsake Quilting - I made a giant leap of faith and I ordered this, wanting to get this curtain job D O N E!  My little bright studio needs some warmth - I have no idea how large this plaid will be but hey, it was on sale!  Can't wait to see what arrives!  If it's terrible for curtains, it still will be a great quilt backing.

Tuesday, April 07, 2020

You Protect Me, I'll Protect You

This one has an open area to slide in any sort of additional protection.  I still had narrow elastic. 

Friday, April 03, 2020

Sewing Again - Garlic Knots, Border

I'm liking this border!  Using up scraps, but keeping them in a particular order, altho I'm not sure I'll have enough of all colors.  If I run out, it's doubtful if anyone will notice substitutions.   

 All the cleaning is done and ceiling and walls are repainted.  I'm still not sure of the new arrangement.  No pictures on the wall, and curtains not made yet.  Trim and molding are painted.  Finally I can access the (messy) closet easily.  All electrical is connected to the surge protector, and can be all turned on/off with one switch.  If the iron was left on accidently, the lights will be on, indicating I forgot.

 I can do cutting (below) here and also have access to business files.  One cabinet is turned sideways to reduce space  used by these cabinets.  I have a tall, folding cutting table in another room.  This is a small room - about 9 x 11.
The closet needs some attention.

If DH was here now, he'd be having an anxiety attack with the virus thing, and Dow tanking, and self-isolation.  Small blessings occur even with the worst events.  I am living my life, NOT sitting in a dark corner, not sucking my thumb, not boo-hooing constantly, altho I feel guilty about having good days.  I found his Christmas Card to me at the bottom of my messy purse, along with a Gift Card to my LQS, and he wrote, "Make Every Day Count", signed with his Smiley Face caricature.  He was a darned good man.  OK, now I'm boo-hooing.