Sunday, July 31, 2011

Happy Birthday Kellan

This quilt is on it's way the new owner. I'm hoping Mom doesn't see this post before the package arrives!

The colors are as bright and vivid as this photo below.

New baby in town - a niece's second boy. All are fine. Isn't he a handsome little guy? Boy babies are rare in his mother's family and he's the second boy in THIS family.
I used some leftover for the label. These are all Jan Mullins fabrics, purchased a while ago. The plan was to make them REALLY wonky, but while I made them very crooked, I just couldn't bear to cut off the "heads" of those geese! LOL. It was paper pieced, a quarter block at a time, and I just drew the pattern myself. It's so bright and cheerful - and was great fun making it. It's a generous size, and should be useful until he's a little kid.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Jacob's Ladder, Border, and Label ideas

This hand-quilted pretty, "Candy Ladders" was made even before I had a blog, and I'm astonished it was never posted. The blocks are traditional Jacob's Ladder, 6 inch, yes 6 inches! It may be the last one I've ever done by hand, unfortunately. Many babies have come along, and I've given them 'ordinary' baby quilts, but I've seen that these days, new mothers don't quite understand the work that goes into a hand-quilted baby quilt, so I've hung onto it.

I'm posting it today because a blogger was asking for border suggestions. While this looks like a lot of work - well it IS, sorta, it certainly has been an excellent border. The squares finish at 1 inch. It travels well around corners, although you might have to fudge in the centers of the border, it uses up the scraps from the quilt, but you DO need ONE CONSISTENT color (white in this case), the same in every border block so the eye sees the flow going around the quilt. This was all based on Bonnie Hunter's, Scrappy Bargello at When I first started quilting a LOT, this simple block idea practically exploded in my head, with ideas, dreams, pictures, colors! LOLOL

Below is my favorite part -- the label is a pocket with a little Beanie Baby Bunny. What child would not LOVE that pocket with it's critter tucked into it. For a time, our LQS had Beanie Babies on sale for $2.00, and I bought a bunch, using the label/pocket in many kid quilts, and tucking a little critter inside.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Lady of the Lake, More Blocks for Raffle/Serendipity Quilt

Six more blocks completed, Lady of the Lake. However, we live out here in Sandhills Country - no good lakes in this vicinity, so we'll have to come up with a better name for this quilt. I aimed for less fussy fabrics, dusty blues, no florals, so maybe even guys will like it and purchase tickets. "Dry Lakes", "Sandhill Lakes" "Blue Sky Lakes" how about "Sandhill Blues", "Dusty Blues" ? -- I'd better lose the word "Lakes".

I'm posting these blocks mostly for my mini-group in case they want to see what mine turned out like. I purchased 7-8 lights and 7-8 darks, so we planned to mix them up a bit.

Inspiration came from Bonnie Hunter's quilt ( in Quiltmaker magazine, the latest issue.

Because of the heat I moved my sewing equipment that is altogether for quilt classes, to the basement where it's not so hot. Then between sewing blocks, I did laundry, played on computer, took a nap, cleaned bathroom, etc. Frankly, I kinda like it down here - DH??? not so much. I tried to stay upstairs this morning, but was "hit" by some kind of bug - probably related to heat - I don't do well in heat, and forget to drink, resulting in being unpleasantly ill for a while, but when I went back downstairs, recovered quickly.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

New quilt - for 2012-2013

10 blocks made - this is our Raffle/Serendipity Quilt for 2012-2013. I believe the block is called Lady of the Lake. Blocks are 8 inches finished and I saw a lovely photo of a quilt made by Bonnie Hunter, in one of my magazines. Our Guild has many excellent quilters and this one will be made by our local small mini-group. I wanted a quilt that was quiet, gentle, not too girly, and user friendly! Maybe something even the men would like.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

More Quilt Show Eye Candy

Barb and Anita with the Serendipity (Raffle) Quilt for 2012. I know others helped with making this beauty, but don't have their names. This quilt was 4 Storm at Sea kits from John Flynn - Barb said they needed 4 to get enough of the right colors - (not sure what that meant). When I saw this quilt folded up, it was beautiful, but when it was on the hanging rack, the complicated design pattern became visible. This is a quilt that you want to step closer to, i.e., "it brings the viewer in." Barb, the math teacher, explained that they made it in 4 quadrants, one quadrant at a time, so they could assemble the design correctly. It's another stunning quilt, machine quilted by Anita (Prairie Creations) with straight lines, following what appears to be curves, but are not. I really want to win this one! I seem to remember they are batiks.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Quilt Show Eye Candy, and a Surprise

Despite near 100 degrees, we had our wonderful quilt show.

Where does one start? My friend Chell of Creative Quilting with Love made this Kaleidoscope quilt a while ago and honored me by asking me to quilt it. IT IS A STUNNER! I couldn't get it all in the photo - it's a winner in my book.
And if anyone doubts machine quilting on a DSM is not "as good" as quilting on a long arm - this quilt should alleviate your wondering. If you think you want to do your own quilting, on your own machine, look at the closeups in these two photos. YOU CAN DO IT!!!! if there is one lesson I'd like to teach, it's that YOU CAN quilt on your DSM, and I'm preaching to you ( !! ) LOL, it's an enormously creative project as well. You simply need to practice for a while. I clearly remember it took me 22 hours to quilt it and I enjoyed 22 hours of pleasure. 8-)))

In my previous post I mentioned I was not looking for any accolades this year and not really even considering that my quilts might peak someone's interest but ... this was a total surprise - First Place, Medium Quilts. Talk about being stunned!!! I posted an entire view, and described this Scrappy Pineapple February 21, 2011.  (And crud, I don't know how to link, saying find it "here" -- when I copied the URL, I received the "OOPS" from Google.) 

That's all for now - I'm still catching by breath, and feel all energized again. Happy Day!

More photos another day.

Saturday, July 16, 2011


(Wow - changes with Blogger - I'm getting tired of learning new things! -- I've edited it 6 times, and that's enough - still not like I wanted it. Wah, wah, wahhhh - Tooooo hot!)

Quilts for Kids (below) - finished and mailed off! 
Quilt show this weekend - wouldn't you know, it's hot as hxxx, and the quilt show location, unfortunately, has no air conditioning.  For years, we've tried to rectify this situation, to no avail. Each of the guild members are required to work for some time - this year for the first time, I've had to say I can only work at the Reception Table where not much effort expended-- It's just too hot. The Show is held in conjunction with Oregon Trails Day, a big event in the Nebraska Panhandle, with many events happening as well. We'll be in the upper 90s.  Think of us hot gals while you are inside your Air Conditioning. 

I am airing my quilts before delivery to the Quilt Show -- I'm not expecting any accolades but DO want to show these quilts. You never know when someone will be inspired. The small center item is a Challenge quilt by Jody (Goddess) who is unable to attend.
I spent a day with my friend Chell of (can't figure how to do the link thing any more!),

and started another Kaleodoscope. The "ring" on the block is made by sewing it in the center of the strata, and the strata must have an odd number of strips, all of the center strips must be of equal size. My top, and bottom strip are wider.

Look at all the projects Chell has on that table!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

On the Other Side of the Studio

DH and I share a small "Studio." If we both pull our chairs back at the same time, we bump. He gets threads in his boats, I get wood shavings in my quilts. We get over it.

This is one of the latest boats my DH builds. This style of boat is called a "Pink" -- don't remember why, but one unusual characteristic is that the bow looks a lot like the stern. (The stern is on the left in the photo.) We didn't include sails on this one - kinda glad as that ends up my job. He puts several hundred hours building each boat. They are as close to accurate as he can fathom, and I know he's IN that boat, running around, checking to see that all is shipshape. Many of the decking parts are removable so one can see down inside the hull, which he's also designed as accurately  as he knows.
This is my favorite detail on the boat, below. See that round hole on the stern, over the rudder? Just guess what that is for! Whew - what a ride that could be!!! So much for privacy!