Thursday, December 28, 2017

"Bugs and Boats", and more Boats and Toys

Where did the month go?  mmmm a trunk show and preparations  ... photos are still not loaded onto Photo Bucket thingy .... hope I remember how to do them.

This little Bargello quilt turned out very attractive -- I named it "Bugs and Boats", a Bonnie Hunter inspiration.  I had purchased a lot of that dark fabric a while ago, thinking the red splotches were  flowers - but when I got home, those red splotches turned out to be ladybugs.  Kinda hard to add bugs to any quilt except for a boy, so it's lasted a LONG time.  The light fabrics are "boaty" and boyishy, and kids playing.  Some of the other fabric was donated by Kathy, a quilty friend who passed away last year.  Many people benefited from her fabric gifts, and she remains with us in many ways.  8-)))

Backing is all from stash.   (Yes, it's laying out in the snow!)

New subject -- My husband is still making boats, always,  he works with wood, but this time he decided to try LEGO!  Wow, they offer an array of high-end, expensive models.  We both fought the thought that they are just for kids and he decided to try one. 

 The little "men" are just so cute - it's difficult not to smile at them - one even has a goatee!  This project has been filled with laughter and smiles!
Have we lost our minds?  LOLOL

More boats - called a Modified Landing Craft, inspired by a boating magazine.  The boat is scratch built, but the best parts are the little "toys" we added.   OH MY - we had fun picking out the most suitable vehicles.