Monday, March 25, 2019

Takes 2, Learning Techniques, I just noticed ...

I've been tempted to make each of these "Disappearing Pinwheel" quilts for some time but making ONE quilt with many of the options is better.  Easy, Peasy, right!  These started from Jenny Doan, of Missouri Star Quilt Co., that many of us watch on Youtube.  She makes it look so fast and simple.  


Got too ambitious!  ... When trying to remake the 2 miscut units, I was overwhelmed with "hey, what are the measurements"?  Well, that's the beauty but also the beast of this method!  Little time is spent measuring.  These start as a package of 10 in. squares, plus 10 in squares of yardage. 

One block later, I was still mentally stalled with unknown measurements, inaccurate cutting,  and adjusting to this new-to-me method.  So this is what I did to get closer to accuracy.
1.  I used more starch than normal.
2.  I restuck the blue tape on the back of my ruler, with much more accuracy.
3.  I affixed sandpaper bits on the back of my ruler.
4.  I changed to a larger mat that I could turn around on the table instead of ME turning around the table.
5.  I adjusted to Quick and Fast method instead of perfect points and exact measurements.  Hey, Elaine, it's not a Baltimore Album quilt - it's a fast quilt!

These blocks make up fast, I did 3 in about 20 minutes.  Here's all the blocks I'm making.  Some are nearly duplicates.  Large prints don't look great.  I don't know what's next as far as sashing or border - I need to get back to another almost finished quilting/ruler project.

Another subject:  I just noticed I'd already shown this Pineapple Quilt with the top part all traditional pineapple blocks and then how interesting it looked when I added the 2 alternate blocks. 

It's waiting for border in that stack of quilts that's accumulating across the living room.   

Saturday, March 16, 2019

Blizzard over, time for quilting!

These photos are for my own journey - everyone else in this part of the country has similar photos.  It's been a doozey but thankfully no downed lines, no outages, and temps remained tolerable.  I couldn't get off the deck or anywhere else to take better photos - waaay too much snow, but we all agreed, we were fortunate.  Conditions were NOT fortunate toward the other (eastern) end of the state, where  sadly, floods caused terrible damage.  

Quilting photos are at the end of this post.  

 There is a garden gnome under that 4 ft. drift.  
 My neighbors back door, with a huge drift OVER the fence and right against her back door!
Huge drift (can't even see).  Getting into garage is impossible for now.   Homes are close together - finding somewhere to put snow is an issue.  

To self -- Remember to send a Thank You to the Bulldozer angel who wouldn't accept pay for clearing out the back driveway, and another Thank You to the family who cleared off the snow several days earlier, from the previous snow.  We have wonderful friends and neighbors, even if we don't know them.  

OK, Quilt-y stuff now.  I am working on a light/dark zig zag, 60 degree  triangle quilt  inspired  by Bonnie Hunter (free pattern on her site).  This is one of 5 projects, made from the box of scraps given to me.  I am proud of ME for using the gift.  And there is still more left over - perhaps a 6th project?  

Here is how I'm quilting the sides and the light triangles.  The lights are ruler work, the darks are more traditional (free-form) quilting.  It's taking a LONG time, even with this minimal quilting.
 Below - a proper ruler (left one) for Machine Quilting on a DSM, and my standard quilting ruler.  Since my quilting foot does not hop, and because of some interference with machine hardware, the slimmer  "wrong" ruler works well, while the "proper" ruler is less used.  I also replaced the larger, easier to handle screw that holds the foot on.  The replacement is very small, making ruler usage visually easier but I'd better not drop it while screwing that tiny thing in place.  

Below - The mess under the needle.  I have 3-4 rows MQ'ed.  Slow going with that ruler work, but I'm still a beginner. I've succumbed to frequent unstitching.  Solution seems to be where I position the ruler - on the seam or off the seam.  

Triangles seem to invite these wedge lines.  I am drawing the lines with a Frixion pen. They come out with the iron.  Seems like double work to draw them, then use the ruler to stitch them.  Stitching them without the ruler ALMOST produces the same line.  mmmm gotta work on that.  

Thursday, March 07, 2019

A "Thank You"

Oh dear, more snow predicted overnight - weatherman said 1-3 inches but by morning, there was MUCH more.  We live in town, so need to get the walk cleared, a big job for two Seniors, but we've usually managed. 

However, I shoveled a few days ago, but my body firmly said, "NO MORE" so  today was forced to call the Chiropractor to get my parts back where they belong.  Then .....who is that big guy clearing snow off my front steps?  And there on the sidewalk was his wife, and alongside her was their teenage boy, all shoveling our sidewalk AND even the front walk.  They were so bundled up, I didn't recognize them.  My heart was overwhelmed with their kindness.  Not only did they clear the front of our home, but then they proceeded to the back yard and cleared off the deck and  a pathway to the garage!   All this was done with shovels and muscles.  What kindness!  After these dear people left, we headed to the garage for my chiropractor appt. and when we opened the garage door, were MORE amazed to find the entire back driveway also cleared off. 

This is not the first time we've been the benefit of loving, caring neighbors.  Our days of helping others with this snow removal job is past, and we're now the beneficiary.  Sometimes kindnesses are found right in our own back yard.

"Thank you" to kind people who give to others, and never ask anything in return.  8-)))  Some days, life is so good, we cannot express enough appreciation.