Thursday, February 24, 2022

Less than enthusiastic

 I've been putting off a job - clearing out my huge trash basket next to the sewing machine.   Sometimes, good stuff remains on my sewing desk and I just swish all those unknowns into the huge trash basket, mostly to clear it off my mind.  A few crumb block items were made recently from the top layers, but its depths remained undisturbed for years.  Today was the day.  The 6 ft. picnic table was dragged from behind the sofa and set up for WORK!  I figured, lights, medium lights, darks including black and reds, bright kids prints, and several packages of "too good to throw out, but presently useless."

Here is yet another mess!  Nothing except the woven trash basket seams worth keeping!  Perhaps I've already used up the best parts? ...perhaps I should press it all and trim ... maybe an Internet search to Walmart or Menards to invest in another small storage cabinet ... there went 2 hours on the computer!

With so much unused, sorted, pressed yardage nicely folded up in other cabinet drawers, it seems almost pointless to use up these bits and crumbs.  Maybe this mess needs to "cook" for a while .. maybe I should just make up a few 9-patches and see what happens, maybe a double strong cup of coffee???   or, perhaps I should just return to the collection of "I spy" prints, stored in another cabinet.  OK brain, concentrate and do SOMETHING!!!!

Sunday, February 20, 2022

Still Here - Making "I Spy" quilts


Another "I Spy" quilt - the back - I finally can use that wild stripe!

Some of you kindly sent me "cutsies" - I'm using them.  They are so bright and colorful - again, thank you to all.  More kid/toddler quilts to come - this one will be ready when needed.  I only quilted little curvy loops in the white borders and left the cutsies unquilted.  The white was quilted from left side across the jaggedy line to the right side  - simple.    As simple as these little squares were, I blanked when it came to their assembly. 


My days have been filled with working on a Guild Raffle Quilt.  Our local gals made the blocks and then the sashing strips - can't show you - I've been working on the border that brought the size up to Queen size.