Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Pre Thanksgiving Enthusiasm

Pumpkin bread, served with cream cheese/honey spread.  I made two, one for Guild meeting, and one for us, but due to snow and bad road conditions, our guild meeting was cancelled - yep, more for us. 

I wanted to use up MORE scraps and leftovers, so started this Strip and Slash technique, by Jackie Robinson.  I've made 5-6 of this previously and enjoy her efficiency method.  I tried to concentrate on greens and yellows but a lot of other stuff gets used as well, which helps to add dimension and interest.  It would be FLAT with just two colors.  I have 400 blocks made and need 50 more - no problem. 

My wonderful LQS gave me another HUGE box of scraps, all new fabrics of course, but bits and pieces of whatever - how exciting I was to open the box, almost like Christmas!  I'm noticing a LOT of purples, blues and greens so decided, once again, to make a quilt from fabric from that box, without adding much of my own stash.  This is Bonnie Hunter's Diamond Tile - I didn't like it at first when seeing it in Quiltmaker's magazine but the design grew on me.  I'm thinking of a narrow sashing but ... we'll see.  The yellow block is kinda blahh  - it was my first.    I'll also change the background on some blocks to something with more character.  They don't take long to make and finish at 7 in.

(Why am I starting new quilts at this busy time of year? )

Friday, November 16, 2018

On the Other Side of our Studio, and a Group Quilt

No boats this time from DH, but instead, he made this amazing chuck wagon.  The undercarriage is especially marvelous, made exactly like the real thing.  The wheels were especially complex (IMHO) and of course, they roll and turn and brake perfectly.  Inside are sacks of potatoes, coffee, beans and flour, as well as blankets and firewood.

I was hoping we might find some toy draft horses, or oxen, to adjoin the wagon.  We discovered that the nearby ranch store, Baumgarrs has wonderful model animals, of various scale sizes the could actually be the right size.  Yes, I'm getting carried away.

On the quilty front, this is a group quilt our local quilting gals are making for a donation or raffle quilt to benefit a worthy cause, with appreciation for our monthly quilting gathering place.  Our group has new quilters and others more experienced, but all these blocks and border units turned out really well.  I  am putting borders on the quilt - don't ya jes love that ribbon border?   It's bright and bold - I think the quilting might help to blend the variety of Friendship Star blocks.   These blocks are 9 in. finished and the quilt is approx. 82" x 101".   So far, so good!  (It's kinda crumpled in this photo.)