Tuesday, April 26, 2022

Tiny faux flange

 I finished another "I Spy" quilt - have no idea why it takes me so long to get things DONE these days but ... here it is .............. uhhhh oh great, another issue to take up my fleeting time.  

New computer a few months ago, photos somewhere else, options different, etc.  I wanted to show you the tiniest of toooo-kewwwt flange on the binding, but Blogger has tricked me again and I'm tired of fooling with it.  Trust me - it's there, and the best part of this "I spy" quilt.   (now how did I get THIS photo????)

Monday, April 11, 2022

"Mo-Jo" found again!!!!!!!!!!

 I'm still heeeeere!!!!!!!!!!!  

Remember a previous post where I was sorting my ever-increasing pile of boring light and dark scraps?  This is what happened -- 16 blocks, on point.  More strips had to be cut for this WIP!  

I've been working on the border and faux flange binding of our group Raffle Quilt.  Here are some teaser photos - not allowed to show the full project.  We chose to feature "low volume" and "taupe".  There were some doubts as each block maker checked their stash and wondered "what were they thinking?"  Never fear ... the planners had faith!  


I still remember how to make these cheese loaves.  Yum - had to give one away or I would have gobbled both and been sorry!  Even better toasted for breakfast.  

I'm using a finished "I Spy" as the pattern for another "I Spy", using many of the cutsies some of you sent me.  The sewing is easy but the layout was tricky.  A bunch of squares also went home with a friend who also wanted to make a kid's quilt.

The reason for my absence - physician said "surgery, you are High Risk because of past heart history and you are on blood thinners and you are no spring chicken" so I was set up for date with UC Health in eastern Colorado.  Yes, that's right - 250 miles from my home.  Since I live alone, getting to that appt. had a number of logistic issues.  And winter storms that may or may not happen didn't help anxiety levels.  Taking blood thinners mean you must adhere to an exact dose stopping at an exact date before surgery, adding to stress on that point alone.  I planned to drive myself to my brother's home in Broomfield, Co.,  not too far from the hospital, and they offered to get me to/from the hospital, all of us frazzled with Denver traffic and with ever-threatening snow complications. I enjoy driving but have no knowledge of Denver traffic.  I made it just fine to their home.   My brother and wife are also respectful of traffic and rush hours, none of us are spring chickens!  As expected, my visit with them was absolutely wonderful, weather/snow complications were managed, surgery went just fine, I didn't die - what more was needed?   Bruises to my old body (blood thinners) was frightingly impressive, but slowly disappearing.   Frankly, I enjoy "new adventures" but this one was a corker!   I loved my family visit and  rehashing old memories, enjoyed being waited on for several days during recuperation and learning some new food items as brother and wife cook "organic".    My recovery was unexpectedly easy, and I drove home after several days of recuperation.  

Why does it take a month to make up for 10 days gone after returning home????