Monday, July 11, 2022

Use 'em or lose 'em


I've had this collection of small mola patches for years, then misplaced them, and voila, recently found them.  Decided to make them up into little pouches before they get misplaced again.  They are very primitive on the backs, but the quality/skill of the fronts is most impressive.  They are all made by reverse applique, far better than I can manage, and are probably from Panama or Columbia - wish I had a few more.  The colors are far prettier in person.  I added jewelry charms to each zipper pull.  

The polka dot journal cover needs a few more practice pieces before I can call it a success.  

My skills at making pouches seem to disappear after a year or two.  This time, I only mangled 2 zippers before I remembered how to make the pouches properly.