Sunday, February 23, 2020

Moving Forward, One Step At a Time

80 Garlic Knot blocks from Bonnie Hunter's pattern.  Her method works like a charm, of course.  I made one or two, then sped things up by layering 5-6 deep on my sewing table.  These are 6 in. finished blocks.  And as always, all are scrappy  in purples, pinks greens, a few blues, one or two reds, and the neutral was purchased.  These will be put together with a narrow sashing with "plusses" at the cornerstones.  That's a little tedious but doable.

Thank you all, for you know what.  There is a LOT of work after losing your spouse, even if you planned ahead.  Sometimes work can be a blessing.  The dear man did all he could to make my life easy as possible when he was not here.  Take photos, and say beautiful things to those you love - we each did.  You never know about tomorrow. 

Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Smiley Faces

This arrived yesterday, from a friend across the miles.  How did she know that DH always signed his notes with a Smiley Face?  Was it Serendipity?

The table is still piled with papers, notes, cards, mail, bills.  Will they ever get cleared off?

Today I sewed for one whole hour.  One Step at a Time, Slow Positive Steady Progress is what my manager husband is saying to me.

Thank you for good thoughts and kind messages and prayers.