Sunday, February 25, 2024

2468 pieces. MORE Kaleidoscope Blocks!

Finished!  I learned this "system" from Jackie Robinson /Animas Quilts, called Strip and Slash and  purchased her DVD years ago.  Her method is precise, and productive, as well as an effective method to use scraps.  I've made 5-6 quilt using her "technique".   Thank you, Jackie!

A close up ...

You can see the individual block of 12 pieces, less than 4 inches, at the far right, lower corner.  

I'm playing with Kaleidoscopes, again. The wedges have been exchanged with each other on these two, resulting in greater richness.    Not sewn together yet.   The plan is 5 x 7, 14 inch blocks.   No corner pieces yet - I'll save that decision until later. 

I promised myself to STOP playing after 4 blocks - gotta gather tax materials ... ugh.  Let's see ... which  jobs would I rather do?  

Monday, February 19, 2024

Minor Improvements in the Studio

What is that?  My second sewing station is a door on 2 file cabinets with the machine on the door, and a chair slides under the work area between the file cabinets.   Occasionally the  top area needs a little extra room when quilting a large quilt.  I pulled one drawer out on the file cabinet, and inserted this piece of firm masonite (or similar), glued the paint sticks onto the correct place on the back so it stayed in the right place, turned the masonite over, and I have a good size area for additional support for the quilt.  It is loose enough so I can just pull it off and slide it under the cabinet, and close the drawer up as needed.  This cost me all of $5.10 - the large paint sticks were free, and the lumber yard cut the masonite for free.  

A better view.

A customer is required to purchase a standard size for the masonite, so there is some leftover.  As it happens, the leftover is EXACTLY the right size to do the same trick for the other sewing desk drawer that holds a million little "things", but are neatly hidden by the second board.   It's a total different size - how lucky I am!   Again, it slips easily out if not needed and takes up little space.  Additionally, both of these boards can be use as a lap work surface.  I'm happy!