Tuesday, September 06, 2022

Another "I Spy" quilt, ready for gifting


Many of these cutsies are from many of YOU!  Thank you Jody, Carol, Candace, Elsie, Alice, Anita, and others!  8-)))  Also, Thank You Janet for the 4.5 in ruler which meant I didn't have any trouble quickly recutting fabric bits to exact measurement needed.   Oops, forgot to photo the back, that I  enlarged a little bit past 42 in. in width.  

This layout is copied from https://mangobeans.wordpress.com/2014/05/30/i-spy-quilt/.   Thank You Wendy!  Her description even included the tricky layout.    

Friday, September 02, 2022

Finally, getting back to quilting and blog posts

Another kids quilt, a QAYG, which turned out pretty kyoot!  I'm loving it.  I was extremely exacting on the measurement suggested by Marti Machell.  The final stitching is done from the front in the ditch, which connects at the same time to exact stitching on the back strips.  That line only needed correction 1 time, so I'm using her exactness from now on.  
I have no plans for this pink quilt - perhaps I'll keep it ready, just in case ...

 This is from the back, I did 4 blocks at a time so the "God's Eye" effect would be apparent on the front.  Blocks stay/finish at 8.5 in.   (Dang it, my "dates" are waaaay off, after recharding the battery!)