Monday, November 07, 2016

Farm Girl Vintage, Three More Blocks

Farm Girl Vintage, by Lori Holt - despite the large number of pieces, they all are turning out well.  I used my revolving mat to trim off the bits and slivers from on the edges.  All have ended up to size of 6.5 raw.

That stinker on lower right has 49 pieces!  There is also a clever "trick" in that block.  Contrast is better with batting behind them - dark table doesn't show how fresh they are!  Most of the fabrics in my collection for this project are soft greens and pinks and a few yellows.  I added the turquoise to brighten it a bit, and will include the color in several blocks.

The instructions include directions for  6 inch, and 12 inch blocks, but it would not be difficult to graph many into a 9 inch block as well.   I made a few in 12 inch and decided (IMH) "waaaay too large".  

Onward and upward - steeling myself for the dreaded Voting day tomorrow ... 8-(((   This is Monday, third day of headache and I know why.