Friday, May 22, 2020

Quilt As You Go, in PINK, and a Hole in the Wall

I had a LOT of pink strips, and a lot of extra batting, and some pinkish FQs.  What are ya gonna do?  No quilt name yet, but I know where it's going.  This method might not be for everyone, but I sure had fun!  I learned how to get that backing sashing strip close to perfect, by heavy pinning, and then stitching in the ditch from the front, and slowly pulling out the pins as I sewed.  I'm happy with the result.  

New subject, below:  Plumber was needed, drain had been running slowly for months and I knew there was more then just a clog - something also wasn't correct about the pipe angle.  Mr. Plumber started with his snake, and then I heard, "Uh oh - that's not good"!  Yes, the snake itself broke in the pipes and was hopelessly stuck.  

There was no alternative except this decision, in the adjoining wall, yes, the wall in my new, clean, freshly painted Sewing Studio.  NO drywall guy is going to do this job, because you do a little at a time, let dry, a little more another time, let dry, etc.  So, I went to YouTube, and I think I can do it myself!  May take me a while but I'm game.   Worst part it that it's low on the wall   Best part is my drain is working perfectly, first time in many years. 

Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Blessings, and QAYG

This  unexpected blessing showed up at my door today, from dear members of my husband's family.  Looks like I need to balance them a little.  

I've been working on a little girl's pink QAYG.  In the past, I disliked finishing the sashing seam on the front, leaving forever stitches but recently learned a better method from Marti Machell.  Her sashing is finished on the front and with careful measuring and a lot of pinning on the back, and sewing in the ditch from the front, a pretty neat stitching line is the result on the back.  In this case a busy sashing and backing helps even better.  I know, you can't see anything.  There IS one visable vertical seam on that middle sashing.  

 Below is the stitching line on the back, stitched in-the-ditch from the front. 
 This is the pinning on the back, with a folded 1/4 in. seam carefully folded and pinned over the previous sewing line.  In almost all cases, I did NOT have to redo anything.  I stitched in the ditch from the front, carefully, pulled the pins out from underneath as the needle got close.  I would guess that each of us has our own version of 1/4 inch, in the ditch, etc., and I would advise a practice bit before you get YOUR measurements.  My sashing was cut 1 in., and my backing sashing was a 1 1/8 in, and then folded over 1/4 inch., then sewn to the back  These are MY measurements.  Also, in previous QAYG, I carefully pressed those sashings neat and tidy and flat,  whichever way seemed necessary.  But this time I did NOT press and just let the kissed seam allowances kind pooch up when they wanted to.  After all, this IS a child's quilt, and it IS machine quilted.  NOT a masterpiece, just a nice quilt.  I did NOT do any pressing of the sashing once it was sewn to the blocks. 
The finished project should be ready in a few days.  I'm liking it - not soft and sweet but pink and bold! 

Monday, May 11, 2020

Frenzy sewing

If I'm going to be in a mental frenzy state, due to grief, I may as well do something constructive while in this unwelcome mental process.  This is what I made this morning in a few hours.  I had the batting cut and many of the pink fabrics already in one box.  There is a bun in the oven in my husband's family, gender still unknown, but in the meantime, I'm having a pleasant morning, making this girly quilt.  This will be QAYG, with white/or busy pink strips joining the blocks, 6 x 8, 48 blocks, 7.5 in. finished.  The focus fabric is all pink, orange, yellow, purple, little black polka dots, sorta lollipop-y, next to the center white strip.

I'm making 4 at a time, so they are somewhat related in appearance.  The backs of each group of 4 is the same.  The seams of each 4 blocks appear to be on-target but really, it's only accidental.  

Thursday, May 07, 2020

Tiny Houses

These were inspired by a recent video from Jenny Doan of MSQCo.  So cute!  You can't make just one at a time  -- sit down and cut a lot of each of the pieces, then make several in just a few minutes.  Fabric was from my throwaways, and I noticed that the almost-solids seemed to work best.  Some interesting  characters are sneaking in the front doors.  No plan for these little houses but it's fun at the moment. 

Monday, May 04, 2020


What do you do with 480 HSTs?  You zombie-sew them into these 15, six inch blocks!  No plan yet for there future but they are DONE.  Surprisingly most of them didn't need trueing up.  I have no idea where they came from but I DO love the woodsy, earthy colors. 

Also, good news during these Covid days.  My hairdresser called ME to schedule a haircut tomorrow!  Yeaaaaa - masks, small gatherings.  This sad widow needs to feel human again.