Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Making Ribbons, and a Handsome Log Cabin

Our Quilt Show is approaching in July, and this year a friend (Sharon) and I decided to fussy up the standard ribbons.  We made 22 in all, 11 First, and 11 Second.  We didn't have instructions, and just flew by the seat of our pants.    Between paper piecing the little Pineapple Blocks, making different sized yo-yos, learning benefits or difficulties of including posterboard in the yo-yos, sewing and unsewing, demolishing the "standard" ribbons, adding more to it, knowing where to sew and where to glue, we are pretty near finished!  Oh yes, a hammer was heavily used somewhere along the way!  After two 4-hour meetings, most of them were nearly done.  Here's one, still without it's hanging cord.  We decided we wanted to show it to Guild members at the last meeting, Saturday, so everyone can see them.   I stopped at JoAnns and bought a glue gun - never had one before, but it was definitely useful for this project.  

The pineapple blocks are paper pieced and quilted, with a back as well, and finish at 2.5 inches. There are 2 yo-yos in different sizes, behind the little pineapple quiltlets.  On the back is a white label, for names, etc.  

Is this not a lovely collection ?  The large ribbon was purchased, but we took it apart as well.  

Other than making ribbons, I made this scrappy log cabin (below), and put the blocks on vertical - wow - I LOVE how this vertical setting!!!  Here it is without the border.

(Below)  I added that dark border, because I had used the fabric in the side setting triangles, and LOVE how it make this standard looking quilt into one handsome quilt.  The red on the outside is a dimensional flange, and I will bind it in the same blue - I have enough.  

Right now it is about 52" x 62".  Again, always scraps!  

Happy Quilting!

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Lotsa Busy----

We are finished with deck paint repairs.  Looks good for now.  Nothing fancy, just clean and stairs replaced, broken boards replaced. a lot  of primer and paint,  siding repaired after hail damage, and, and, and ...

A friend and I are working on ribbons for the Quilt Show in July.  Can's show them yet.

We attended another cowboy western wedding reception, waaaay out in the country, and had a wonderful time, hob-knobbing with the cowboys and rodeo folks.

We lived through the hail storm and have cleaned up the damage and debris. 

I'm working on a Log Cabin (no photo yet).  Currently, it's on my "design floor".

I was invited to lunch and a tour of a famous (this area) old, amazing Abbott home, built in 1923-4 by the "richest man in Nebraska."  Wow - it was built when things were made very well, and meant to last forever!  Had a wonderful day with friend Janet and her family and friends.

Today, Father's Day, I wore my Dad's old denim hat in his honor, and managed some hand sewing, while sitting out on the deck, enjoying this fine day.

I have a busy week ahead - another day making ribbons, a fabric exchange except she says I am not to bring anything to exchange.  Instead I am RECEIVING fabric to take home!  Then Saturday, is our last meeting for the year at Quilt Guild, with last preps. for our Quilt Show in July.  Life is good.  

Thursday, June 05, 2014

Hmmmm, interesting sky yesterday afternoon, looking north east.
 More interesting sky ... wonder what it means?  I knew it wasn't good ...

TERRIBLE storm, with TERRIBLE hail.  So loud I had to get to the basement, where luckily I found a window that needed closing, FAST!!  

Hostas (left below), done for.  Poppies, done for.  Trees (not pictured) many of them are shredded, especially on the north side.  Today, late afternoon, there is STILL a pile of hail on the north side.  

We are lucky NOT to be farmers - I am sure there was awful damage.  No tornadoes, fortunately, that we know of.