Thursday, October 19, 2023

Another Quarter Log Cabin


Quarter Log Cabin in Blue .  Friend Linda "cleaned up her sewing space before company arrived" and donated a LOT of lovely blue fabrics to the FREE TABLE at our local All Day Sew.  I snatched it up and 2 months later it turned into this!  Thank you Linda.  I added the background blue-gray .  Note the unexpected lavendar strips!  This is the 3rd or 4th Quarter Log Cabin I've made.  Size is approx. 70 x 82.  I added a faux flange binding.  

The back.  I am practicing with rulers.  

Plaid Pleasures was made from real left-over fabric from real shirts I've made over many years.  NO SHIRTS were cut up.  The unexpected "spools" was a nice surprise.  

Back.  Size is approx. 56 x 73.   LOVE the colors, but I did toooooo much quilting and am unhapy with the end result altho ... "from a galloping horse...".   Live and Learn.

Hopefully I will post more frequently.  This last summer was totally lost due to having an old body inside an active mind!  Get your mammograms - the  advances in medical technology makes some "repairs" almost simple altho time-consuming.