Sunday, January 31, 2021

MQ'ing Starry Night, and Kitchen Improvements


Least favorite quilting job - drag in the big table from the garage and clean it up, find clamps that fit the table, bring in a rolling chair, lots of work but over time, I've gotten it down to one or two hours, depending on ???   This time I used both spray and pins.  Somehow, that table gets heavier over the years.  ??   My latest efforts to hold layers flat and pleatless was finding very inexpensive clamps found at the Dollar Store, 6 for a dollar.  They've been most effective of everything I've tried at holding the fabric to the thick-edged table.  

Here's the quilting pattern on the back - kinda big and loopy.  I don't usually do any heavy quilting.

Front - big job ahead.  Having issues with skipped stitches, increased pressure, and am using frequently-applied Sewer's Aide, and a Schmetz Chrome 14 needle that I've tried previously, with success.  

New subject:  I am still tackling PROJECTS with an unfamiliar but welcome energy.  I'm a one year widow and I expected surprises while facing this sad, but new life.  However I surely did not expect energy and eagerness for home improvements!  Perhaps I am realizing how quickly life is flashing by and there are improvements to be tackled.  So this is my kitchen project.  I'm fairly frugal gal, but basics needed upgrades.  New counter, undercounter sink/hardware and tile backsplash, and over range hood - oh yeah, fresh handmade curtains.   I did not think new cabinets would be necessary, perhaps new hardware to update later?  The last photo is the eternal paperwork that accumulates on the small "L".  I started this project at Menards, they recommended a local installer who I kinda knew, and am very pleased with the result.  

One of the first jobs my husband and I had planned for this house was to replace the range hood that had sharp corners. My tall husband bumped his forehead several times, before he stopped assisting me in the kitchen.  Yes, that was planned for 23 years.  It's done now -- this one has rounded corners.  

Next project, already underway is the living room ... painting and repairing walls that had wall paper on them, removing all the stuff,  then carpet and window coverings, and moving all the stuff back in.    

Saturday, January 16, 2021

A Craftsy Quilt Project

I had been eyeing this particular quilt for a while, but was not sure how it was created.  One day Craftsy had a sale on classes I couldn't resist.  This project was demo'd by a Ms. Cracknell, and other projects are also included.  She features Quilt As You Go methods, and I've not used her method previously, but other methods could be easily used.  I trimmed my blocks to 12.5 in.  and stayed with blues and plaids, adding a little orange.   I've seen this one made of tiny little strips as well.  My goal was to use my stuff!  And let's face it, sometimes it's just FUN to watch someone else sew!  


This is 4 x 5 blocks, 48" x 60".  Miraculously, I had the perfect backing, a sports type theme, with sporty words, perhaps for a boy or girl, over 6.   This will be donated to Hugs and Stitches.  The diagonals do not always meet perfectly but that's OK with me.  My "quilting" is simply stitching straight lines on each side of the seams.  

The ongoing kitchen improvements the last 2 weeks has kept me out of my kitchen so this is what I did in the meantime. It's going to be lovely!


Sunday, January 10, 2021

Vaccinated! Easy and organized

 FYI - Others might be interested in the Covid vaccination process I experienced.

I  started calling -- no one called me.  First called the local pharmacy and they had a list of people, but their allocation was gone.  Then I called the County Health Dept., and was put on their list, not sure when I'd be called.  I called the local hospital and they had a phone extension already set up for Covid Vaccinations.  Good, they gave me a next day appt., Saturday.  I am among the "over 75" group.  I don't know where "the list" came from.  

The process took place adjacent to regular Physician offices next to the hospital.  It was well organized, no waiting, first fill out a few short forms.  The forms mentioned some limitations if someone has existing health issues - I have none.  Returned the forms and went immediately to next room. Showed her paperwork, sat down, and that injection was in my upper arm so efficiently I felt absolutely NOTHING - no time to even grimace! Then I was sent over to the the regular Physicians office waiting area for 20 minutes where 6 or 8 others were waiting.  After 20 minutes someone came over and checked my card I was still holding, asked me what time I wanted the booster shot in 6 weeks, was excused and checked out.  Voila!!! - perhaps 25 to 30 minutes in all.  No ill effects, some discomfort in my upper arm the same day.  

To my knowledge, my Physician was never involved, so don't be timid with your calls and/or questions for your area.  Every county or state probably has different processes.  This is how it worked for me, your process may be different.  There was no mention of cost or checking of my insurance.  It is suggested that I continue Covid precautions until 2 weeks after the booster. 

Spirits are lifted!

Monday, January 04, 2021

Still kickin' at the New Year

I'm still here, working and sewing much of the time.  Hey, this home maintenance being completed by just ONE person takes a lot of time!  My spirits remain sorta OK, and I get lonesome, pretty much like everyone else.  A terrible anniversary is looming -  sad and scary but I will face it.  Time flew by so quickly, it is shocking.  I barely learn what day it is, and it's the next!  

During my blog lull, I have finished the quilting on this QOV, shown as a top previously.   

Love that striped binding!  Here's the back, much of it given to me by quilting friend Tina.

I've  finished this star top (70" x 81") made of a gazillion pieces, but it's together, batting cut to size, no backing yet.  My quilting friend Jody made one and I pestered her for instructions.  The parts are easy to make, but if you copy this one don't make blocks -- it is actually made with rows. It was called Starry something and shown in an old Quilters Newsletter, from a reader in New Zealand. Notice that "stars" are either with dark points, while others are light stars, an invitation to creativity!  The blocks are 3 in. 

My wall paper is down, thanks to help from quilting friend Lari, and purchase of a must-have steamer, definitely the solution to this horrid job.  

Only 2 partial walls had wallpaper, the rest is decent, but removal of wallpaper left expected damage that needs repair before painting.  I have the name of "the man" to call, but he's vacationing somewhere.  This all started with a shopping trip to the carpet store and the owner suggested I get the room painted first, but remove wallpaper before "first".  

Kitchen renovations are still holding, complicated by Covid issues.  My projects continue.  

And a recent pleasure with a million !!! pieces, was a gift from another quilty friend Alice.  This is one tricky challenge.  The finish is of a worn quilt, complete with the damaged binding, hanging on the line.  Too late, it dawned on me that my table will be tied up for a while!

I do not feel like a capable person unless I can have a long list of completed projects.  They were listed here, then I deleted them and began to wonder if I'm demented with my penchant for eternal jobs.  Wonder what a psychiatrist might suggest? 

I wish I had some inkling of what to do with the rest of my life, now as a widow.  There's a big blank road ahead of me and my GPS isn't working.