Friday, May 24, 2024

NO comments show, and Widow's Chit-Chat.

 I clicked something following the comments that were NOT published, which seems to have changed back to "Allow Reader Comments".  Yep they are now visible.  Thank you for not giving up on me!   It's wonderful to see warm comments again!

OK, next part.  Widow's  Chit-Chat.  I'm in my 5th year of being a widow and as other widow's  say ... "You never get used to it, you learn to live with it."   My style is to stay busy which means I drive myself bonkers with too many things that "must be done".  That plan sometimes works, but the result it that sleep doesn't happen.  I counter that probem with caffeine products, resulting in more problems, and have learned to turn on YouTube in the middle of the night and sleep in a Lazy Boy.  More of  "not good."  Yes, a foolish circle.   Any port in the storm of "I don't want to think."  However, on the plus side, I've helped to teach an Adult ED class , am occasionally mentoring a young lady learning to sew and quilt, have finished 9 PhDs (Projects Half Done) in the last year for a Guild self-motivation project, and planned a Trunk Show and another Workshop, took a pleasent driving trip , and recently purchased a new Janome sewing machine.  Unfortunately, over the holidays I was shocked to get caught up in what appeared to be a financial scam related to my mortgage, but finally it fell all on me to discover it was not exactly a scam but the fact was I had not been informed when my Home Owner's Insurance had tripled!!! and they had not informed me, nor did my mortgage firm inform me, resulting in all sorts of heartache and worry when I was informed my mortgage was "underfunded. "  HOW DID THAT HAPPEN???  All of that may have been the result of  Covid, and insurrance employees and morgage firm employees being sent home to work causing great disarray, until no one knew who was doing what!  I only finally accidently discovered the issue in late January after MORE nightmares, sleeplessness, worry, and great dread and fear.   I take pride in being prompt and reliable in my finances - this was an absolute insult!  Not one person in this horrendous chain of workers informed me - all were downright pleasant, until I lost patience and hollered, "don't any of you speak to one another?" after  my umteenth call!   Apparently they did NOT speak to one another!  Those were 3 months I do NOT want to relive!   ADVICE:  LEARN TO UNDERSTAND HOW YOUR ESCROW WORKS!  And I still don't understand "who" is supposed to "do what"!  ... and the timetables and deadlines of insurance, taxes and principal are impossible to understand!  My mortgage had been sold many years ago,  to this out-of-state firm eliminating "friendly" and "helpful" when we purchased the home.  Because of this recent incident, I've changed insurance firms who provided information and support to counter the disturbance to my near-normal steady sad life.  

So, other than eternal grief from not having my counterpart to help, the above paragraph is the only big issue I've had, being a widow.  My efforts these days are finishing up all UFOs, but when I do, I feel positive and start another new one!  I still am eternally "down" but just get busy - sadness doesn't go away.   

Thanks for listening.   

Friday, May 17, 2024

Sunday, April 21, 2024

Preps for a Trunk Show, and a Workshop. Also, a New Quilt Project

Here are approximately 20 quilts of various styles that I'm hauling, in prep for a Trunk Show still in the planning stage. The biggest decision is how many will fit in my small car !  8-)))   Just give me a chance to talk, and then, watch out!   The next day I'll be teaching a Workshop - again, more "stuff" added into my small car.  Wish I had a larger vehicle!    

Here is my stack of Workshop materials and samples.  Hope I remembered everything.  

New subjec -- new quilt project that is beginning to take shape.  This is for an adult grandson. My goal is to make it LOOK totally random yet in reality, it must be planned, resulting in many trips back and forth from my "design floor" back and forth to the studio.  These triangles are from the Peaky & Spike duo templates, not the same as the 60 degree equilateral.  I purchased only a few blue fat quarters, but also am planning a border, so additional blue fabric was purchased for that part.  I have a lot of the smaller half-size triangles, but cut back using them, thinking it was looking a little "fussy".  Perhaps they will look better somewhere in the border. -- we'll see what the quilt wants.  They are all fitting together well, with no issues from bias.

Wednesday, April 03, 2024

Kaleidoscope Sample Blocks

 I am working on another Kaleidoscope quilt and have been obsessed with exchanging wedges between 2 slightly related blocks.  While the blocks appears difficult, it is one of the first I learned, and is not  difficult at all and the blocks are a perfect choice for using leftover WOF strips.  The corner have not yet been selected.  There is NO effort at matching wedge seams - your eye does the "matching".      

I was getting mixed up - these 2 were NOT made of related fabrics.  (Obsessed for a while!) 

Thursday, March 28, 2024

Another Quarter Log Cabin

 Apparently I am "stuck" on this design, the fifth I've made recently.   This is ready to be gifted.

The back ..., 
This is all straight-lined quilted with 2 sets of double lines through each diagonal block sets (i.e., both ways).  The recipient is an almost-adult teen guy - hope he likes it.  I sure do!  Size is 72" x 90" and again, includes fabrics left over from DH's shirts that I made for him.  No finished shirts were harmed.   I paid little attention to strip width and just hoped for the best.  That worked great for construction but the straight lined quilting plan ran into "occasional non-perfection, albeit unimportant issues."    

Despite 5 of this type quilt I've made, there is absolutely NO diminshment of scraps.  

Sunday, February 25, 2024

2468 pieces. MORE Kaleidoscope Blocks!

Finished!  I learned this "system" from Jackie Robinson /Animas Quilts, called Strip and Slash and  purchased her DVD years ago.  Her method is precise, and productive, as well as an effective method to use scraps.  I've made 5-6 quilt using her "technique".   Thank you, Jackie!

A close up ...

You can see the individual block of 12 pieces, less than 4 inches, at the far right, lower corner.  

I'm playing with Kaleidoscopes, again. The wedges have been exchanged with each other on these two, resulting in greater richness.    Not sewn together yet.   The plan is 5 x 7, 14 inch blocks.   No corner pieces yet - I'll save that decision until later. 

I promised myself to STOP playing after 4 blocks - gotta gather tax materials ... ugh.  Let's see ... which  jobs would I rather do?