Sunday, April 25, 2021

Monkey Wrench, and Carpet Order

These blocks were made a while back - I made the scrappy WELCOME  banner from crumb leftovers, but finally the blocks are together and that kewl sashing is DONE!  A border is in the making.  Right now, this is 51 in. x 63 in.  No plans for recipient yet.  This 9 in. block is simple because the points are snowballed in the 3 1/2 in. square corner units.  Do you call it a Shoo Fly or a Monkey Wrench?  

New Carpet:  I ordered carpet from the local neighborly supplier for my living room, AKA my Design Floor.  Due to our remote location, we don't expect weekly or even monthly carpet delivery so I was prepared to wait.  I called to check on a timeframe and  was told  "it has been held up due to the ship that got stuck in the Suez Canal. "  How bizarre can things get?   It's almost funny but when you think about it, but hundreds of huge ships were backed up going in both directions.  Other businesses are suffering the same issue.  We tend to think everything is available all the time, don't we?  and forget about the source of ordinary products.  Guess I will revisit the carpet shop and go thru that tedious selection process again.  

Thursday, April 08, 2021

Learning Every Day, and Interesting Fabric

 I learned something new - With repeated difficulty getting a new blade on this seldom-used rotary cutter I discovered the little black washer has a squarish center going in one direction and roundish going the other way - ya gotta pay attention.  OK, now it will work - I thought.  

It was still so awkward - then  I discovered the cutter can be used left or right handed and I had the blade loaded on the left handed side!  Who knew?    

My current project is a sampler, making 2 of each sister block, but separated, with one colorway on one side, the other colorway on the other.  Book is called "Sister Sampler Quilts".  A friend and I decided to do something together, in town, to feel a bit more socialable after being cooped up.

I already had a pretty FQ bundle of something - had never opened it, said Free Spirit on the ribbon, so I grabbed that to make blocks, not prepared for some of the fabric included in the bundle.  Ya jes' can't use some of these fabrics for any ole project.  This piece was the right overall color but look when I opened it up.  Is this not amazing?  

Happy Spring Everyone!


Tuesday, March 23, 2021

A second "Crumby" tote bag


I'm still trying to find the perfect inserted bottom - perhaps another trip to Hobby Lobby or Home Depot.   I did purchase  a "Yard Sale" sign on a stick, for one dollar, for and that was good enuf for 2 totes bottoms, but still could use something more sturdy.  The tote is squared off nicely and will hold a lot of something.  There is little planning to the pieced panel.  I just kept moving bits around until it looked kinda balanced.  This one had the panel, batting, backing and a lining.  The quilting is casual  straight-line sewing with a walking foot.  

It's fun to try new things!  

Saturday, March 20, 2021

National Quilting Day, 2021

 In honor of this special day, I put a few quilts outside for viewing by passer by traffic.  Days like this, I wish a had a long, high fence in my yard to show off and honor our quilting passion.  I just grabbed a few from the top of a stack.   Have a great day! 

The above  much-loved 16 Patches and Pinwheels has been a favorite designs, ala  So clever, so easy if you get the light/darks in the right places.  I've made this design at least 6 times, most of them for kids quilts.  This is a queen size, now needing a little repair, sorta like the old gate, that also needs a little repair. 

(Our snow is gone in many flat places, but huge piles still exist.) 

Monday, March 15, 2021

A Crumby Tote Bag

Having fun - an easy project.  It has a hard bottom insert, and is lined, all crumbs as you see.  This was a Craftsy Class that I've been admiring, called a Grocery Tote Bag, by Christina Camelli.  I must admit, that over the many years of making quilts on my own designs, I 've almost forgotten how to READ instructions, so used this as my "practice" project.   It's about 17" x 20".

Sometimes a person gets so engrossed in piecing, one forgets to put the important block in the center!  LOL

Like many of you who live in the central USA, our area was buried with the latest blizzard of storm Xylia.  I am still shoveling, and also being grateful for neighbor teenager who refused payment for snowblowing.  It's been a nice couple of days to stay inside and be glad I had a "stash". 

Wednesday, March 03, 2021

Crumbs, TATW, Bargello, Puzzle Done

Pretty amazing what can be done with scraps and crumbs.  Triangles were sewn in the back corners and I inserted a paintstick for a hanging dowel.  I think the recipient liked it.  I LOVE the crookedyness.  

Having fun with Bargello/Trip Around the World, I didn't  understand how a TATW would actually be organized, but in the meantime, during my learning time, these were was a LOT of fun.  I made 4 of each style, and kept the "order" the same for each block - that is 2 strips of darks, one light, one contrast and 2 lights.   Right now, I have 9 sets of 4 blocks and will likely make 3 more sets of 4, using the same order so it ends up rectangular.  Perhaps I'll mix all of these blocks just to see what happens visually.  It's funny, the blocks that I really didn't care for are the ones that ended up looking most interesting.  A few of them laid out 2 one way, and 2 the other.  These are made tube style, Bonnie Hunter method.  

Only too late I realized a "true" TATW would be a whole 'nuther plan.  That plan, yet to happen, is not something done as quickly as these blocks.  Below is a picture taken from Lissa Alexander's book, which I eventually purchased, "Sisterhood of Scraps", more like what I had in mind at first.  The  method in her book takes more organization and a different method of construction - live and learn. 

Here is a jigsaw puzzle finally FINISHED this morning!  Yeaaaaaaaa!  thank you Alice!!!   This lived on my table since before Christmas and was unexpectedly helpful with my frazzled concentration after my husband's passing.   I don't know if that would work for everyone, but it sure kept my brain together, one piece at a time.  One blogger told me she not only made up the same puzzle, but then she made the actual quilt which was beautifully done and quilted.  Wow - who knows what inspires us?