Monday, January 16, 2023

Latest kid QAYG.  Batting squares aland backings were already cut and counted, kid-like prints were all in one place.  Life is good.   It went together in about one month.  

A little closer.  I made 4 blocks at a time, wanting each group of 4 to look similar to each other.  There was NO effort to "matching" seams perfectly.   This quilt was so much fun to make ... fun for ME!  Each unit of 4 features at least one a cute kid print.   Perfect for games with cousins, siblings, parents, grannies, etc.   And some of the fabrics are from BLOGGERS!  

The back, with 1-inch folded strips - thank you to the bias/tape maker.  

Below ... Best thing since sliced bread.  This gadget is often called a bias tape maker but I used regular SOGrain strips.  There are 5 sizes in this purchase which was very affordable - I remember $8.00 for all.  I LOVE a good tool.  You simply slide the strip into the gadget, pull thru with a pin,  and it comes out folded and you place your iron onto the newly folded strip. Each strip is DONE in a matter of seconds.  I'm trying to invent new ways to use it!  It was close to perfect each time, and even with a seam in the strip, the gadget only complained a bit and was simple to tidy up the seam area, and NO BURNED fingers.  Then I sewed the strips down over the quilt's exposed seams, leaving neat, visible quilting strips on the front. Very quick, neat and tidy.   

I've made a LOT of kid's QAYG quilts, LOVE the process, and am slowly learning which method is better for which reason. A person has to try many and decide for self.   With this project.  I used the same size of batting as  the block and backing, which meant a lot of bulk in those corners on the back.  Next time I will cut the batting smaller which will result in less bulk.  I'm going to wash the quilt today to soften up that bulky joint.  

Happy quilting everyone!

Sunday, January 08, 2023

I'm still here!


* This QOV was donated, as well as 2 kids quilts 
* I made a LOT of zip pouches until zipper stash was depleted.  
* Made a pleasant drive (2 days) by myself to Indiana to surprise my sister who was making a rest stop in Indiana, on her way from Canada to Florida.  She WAS surprised and due to my weight loss and new, long never-previously-seen curly hair, she didn't reognize me!  It's been a long time since we last had seen each other. 
* Picked up a girlfriend on the way home from Indiana to my home in western Nebraska.
* We also, both picked up SUPAVIRUS from somewhere that was NOT fun, and required one ambulance/hospital trip.
* Friend picked up Covid immediately after flying home to Illinois.
* Lived thru 2 major snow storms.
* Survived 8 days of the first storm, with NO TV, no Wi-fi and sporadic cell phone.  Fortunately I didn't lose power, but I WAS rapidly losing courage!  Perhaps we had 10-12 inches of snow.  
* Started a new quilt during this time named  "-20 Degrees and No WiFi".    It's currently a WIP on my design floor, blocks almost all made.    
* Shoveled  (yes, me, at my age!) 4 separate times during the first storm, temps below zero  and winds that blew it all back.  Obviously, I could not navigate to my usual Wellness Center for needed exercise.
* Replaced a near-dead battery .
* Cancelled my planned Christmas trip to extreme northeast Nebraska due to dangerous cold and snow and numerous road closures into unknown location.  It was a blessing that I had NOT taken that  Christmas trip with a bad battery.  
* Shoveled my walk and sidewalk at least 4 times with second snowfall of 8-10 inches?? , altho a kind "someone" did it several times as well.
* Shoveled my car out twice myself and one time by a kind neighbor with a huge snowblower.  I was sorry I had sold my own snowblower.
* Got stuck only one time in the alley, and was miracously shoveled out within minutes by 2 angels with shovels who suddenly appeared out of nowhere!  8-)))   

The above list of "what did you do all that time?" is pretty boring but I enjoy my own blog posts and might need a reminder!  ...and it's only January.  

Sunday, October 09, 2022

Excuses, 3D Puzzles, Smart TV


I'm still here - just overactive - am feeling darned wonderful, energetic, going in too any directions at one time.  Above is some playtime after picking up a bunch of strips from the Guild Free table.   I laughed when found that many of the strips had a few inches off the ends.  These Kaleidoscope blocks are surprisingly easy.  Selecting similar values is a bit more fussy.  Corners will have HSTs, medium light or medium dark.  Some blocks, while beautiful, were too bright and bold, so were removed.  My goal is 5 x 5, and each strip makes 2 whole blocks at this size.    

A Log Cabin QOV.  I'm MQ'ing dark threads or light.  It's ending up kinda "fussy" for a QOV but will persevere.  Size is 72" x 76"

At Christmas, a friend gave me this 3D puzzle, (note the curve), thinking I needed something to occupy myself.  8-))  Once I determined a system for sorting the numbered and excellently cut pieces, the  assembly went along fairly quickly.  This is an ingenious project and very well made.   

This was my organizing plan, all set up on my sewing work table, with chalk marks to help sort out over 500 pieces.  

My biggest time waster (??) is the dozens of channels now on my  "Smart TV".  When I bought the Smart TV, I had no idea what that meant.  Canceling cable TV saved me a financial chunk every month.  Grand-daughter who works with electronic gadgetry visited and suggested she include me on her "family plan" at no cost to me, so what could I do? - I said "great!"  and she pushed a bunch of buttons, and voila - there it was, overload, but still great fun to learn it's intricasies.    

Tuesday, September 06, 2022

Another "I Spy" quilt, ready for gifting


Many of these cutsies are from many of YOU!  Thank you Jody, Carol, Candace, Elsie, Alice, Anita, and others!  8-)))  Also, Thank You Janet for the 4.5 in ruler which meant I didn't have any trouble quickly recutting fabric bits to exact measurement needed.   Oops, forgot to photo the back, that I  enlarged a little bit past 42 in. in width.  

This layout is copied from   Thank You Wendy!  Her description even included the tricky layout.    

Friday, September 02, 2022

Finally, getting back to quilting and blog posts

Another kids quilt, a QAYG, which turned out pretty kyoot!  I'm loving it.  I was extremely exacting on the measurement suggested by Marti Machell.  The final stitching is done from the front in the ditch, which connects at the same time to exact stitching on the back strips.  That line only needed correction 1 time, so I'm using her exactness from now on.  
I have no plans for this pink quilt - perhaps I'll keep it ready, just in case ...

 This is from the back, I did 4 blocks at a time so the "God's Eye" effect would be apparent on the front.  Blocks stay/finish at 8.5 in.   (Dang it, my "dates" are waaaay off, after recharding the battery!)

Monday, July 11, 2022

Use 'em or lose 'em


I've had this collection of small mola patches for years, then misplaced them, and voila, recently found them.  Decided to make them up into little pouches before they get misplaced again.  They are very primitive on the backs, but the quality/skill of the fronts is most impressive.  They are all made by reverse applique, far better than I can manage, and are probably from Panama or Columbia - wish I had a few more.  The colors are far prettier in person.  I added jewelry charms to each zipper pull.  

The polka dot journal cover needs a few more practice pieces before I can call it a success.  

My skills at making pouches seem to disappear after a year or two.  This time, I only mangled 2 zippers before I remembered how to make the pouches properly.