Sunday, December 05, 2021

Crumb Blocks - Can't make just one!


Marsha gave me a shoebox full of scraps about year ago.  I put them together, aiming for 6 1/2 in. chunks.  It was difficult to actually stop sewing little bits together!  Lots of fun - I wish I'd not used the cornerstone in the sashing, but live and learn - those busy blocks like "plain" sashing better.    This is about 44" x 58"   It finished up so quickly, I already gave it back to Marsha.  Go ahead, give this crumb block thing a try!  I sorted the scraps into mostly red, white and blues.  

Today, I'm making Christmas Trees, ala Jordon Fabrics, on YouTube.  To make use of a nice clean, tidy area, I put up a big table in my family room --  now I can mess up that space quite well!  Hope I get some Holiday items finished soon.  

Happy Holidays everyone!

Tuesday, November 16, 2021

At last, one job FINISHED!!!

 What can this be?  Surely, not a quilt project!  I'm trying to get so many different "jobs" done, and have been unsuccessful at checking them off my "to do" list - seems like everything is NOT done, yet these  homemade butterhorn rolls are done and delicious!  

35 lined all up, like little soldiers. 

32 made it to storage - wonder where 3 of them disappeared to??? 

I am bringing the rolls (not a single burned one!) to dinner with friends.  The pot holders will live in her house now.  

Seems like Cardio P.T. is taking up so much of my time, at 3 times a week, still continuing for another 2 months.  Yes, it's necessary, and a pleasant experience, yet there is no dilly-dallying.  Roof issues are almost finished, business issues still are undone, home improvements have come to a halt with winter hanging over, Thanksgiving and Christmas are both "looming" - wish I had a more positive adjective to describe a lovely time of year, my printer won't print which results in numerous projects undone, and I have a "new" phone on the counter, still in it's unopened Fed-X wrapper, staring at me, challenging me to get that project on it's way.  Furnace filter ordered, air compressor hardware reconfigured so I can blow out used filters.  Oh yes, and I'm planning on  learning some cost savings tricks on my "Smart TV" and eventually may even drop my TV/Cable access since the programming is so unrewarding.   All overwhelming projects - no time to concentrate on any of them, and very little time spent on quilting. Gotta remember, "One Day at a Time."  I'm exhausted.

I miss my man.  8-(((

Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Making Every Day Count

I'm still here, back home in Nebraska, after a 2500 mile road trip. Yes, I LOVE to drive.  Part of my trip was to meet up with my High School GF who lives south of Chicago.  After we arrived back in my home in western Nebraska and recuperated a day, we drove north thru Wyoming to visit Devils Tower near Hulett, WY.  She had never seen "Close Encounters of the Third Kind", so I checked out that film from our local library and gave her a lead in for the Tower, with that space ship scene!  Our drive north was spectacular, the stunning fall day was exceptional and the Tower was phenomenal.  If you have never visited this site, you MUST put it on your bucket list.  This is just one of many photos taken on my jaunt. We were respectful of Native American culture and left our own prayer strips. 

By the way, the Lickity Split Quilt Shop, in Lusk, Wyoming, is another spectacular stop, definitely surprising to see the large shop in this small town.  I exercised great restraint, but caved at the Fat Quarter rack!  

My" ticker" cooperated, after some adjustment to medication - I'm getting used to new health routines and glad to be out and about, "Making Every Day Count" as my Robert always encouraged.

Due to traveling, and a new roof installed, visiting and hostessing,  my quilting has slowed down.  I'm attending a Retreat soon - perhaps I'll get some sewing DONE. 

Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Rocky Road to Kansas

This has been in process for a while - I can't remember how I made the string-piece units - probably on phone book pages, then trimmed to correct size using a template.  During my renovations, and moving a lot of books, giving away stuff, replacing stuff and books, I dusted off Eleanor Burns quilt books, and perhaps used part of her wonderful methods.  This RRtoK was machine quilted on a Janome MC6500 that almost always works wonderfully.  My favorite thread is silk-finish cotton Metler.  I wanted to practice my ruler work .  One more thing - no one ever talks about the Pressure foot and this time I adjusted it a lot until a good "sweet spot"  was found when quilting backward using the ruler, previously a bug-a-boo.  

Size is approx. 65" x 78".

NQR - Finally, it appears my roofing job may start soon.  This is some of the hardware,  and the shingles arrived a few minutes ago.  It's been 11 years since our last new roof - also replaced after a July hailstorm.  We don't get much rain here in western Nebraska, but frequently rain is accompanied by damaging hail.  I document life-happenings via this blog.  

Thursday, September 09, 2021

Log Cabin, on point, QOV?

 The second border brought this Log Cabin up to 65" x 75", a better size if I decide to donate it to QOV.  I think it's a little uhhhh "fussy" for a guy, and female QOV recipients are scarce.  I'm not even sure I want to donate it  - I'm liking it a lot!  So, what do you think??  Too "fussy" for a guy?

Wednesday, September 01, 2021

Log Cabin, on Point


Between  questions, investigating, not knowing how, getting a new roof due to hail damage, hiring tree trimmers, home insurance complications, health insurance, Air Link  (helicopter)  flight insurance, new heart-healthy diet, replacing a TV that was needed to help me "rest", redoing the studio to make it more usable, cardio P.T., and the usual home maintenance, I've been infrequently working on this Patriotic Log Cabin.  For whatever reason, I kept getting mixed up with "which row?" kind of slip-ups but today it's in order.   Sometimes, when making a row on point, the blocks don't appear to be in the right order until you lay it back out, and my eternal "too many jobs" got in the way of a calm approach.  But it's almost together, and I'll finish it at next All Day Sew.   For now, it's 56 " x 56".  May add a plain border.  I still need simple corners.  Yeaaaaaaaaa  !!!!!!!!!!!  

Recovery from my "event" is going along fine, and I'm dropping some needed weight on my new diet of "no fat, no sugar, no salt" and finding many suitable and tasty substitutes.  Mostly I'm not very hungry, totally unlike my previous self.   Cardio P.T is informative and an important factor for recovery.  My many years of exercising at the Wellness Center was for flexability and building body muscle but not heart muscle.  hmmm - be aware those are different.  I'm still learning.