Sunday, October 09, 2022

Excuses, 3D Puzzles, Smart TV


I'm still here - just overactive - am feeling darned wonderful, energetic, going in too any directions at one time.  Above is some playtime after picking up a bunch of strips from the Guild Free table.   I laughed when found that many of the strips had a few inches off the ends.  These Kaleidoscope blocks are surprisingly easy.  Selecting similar values is a bit more fussy.  Corners will have HSTs, medium light or medium dark.  Some blocks, while beautiful, were too bright and bold, so were removed.  My goal is 5 x 5, and each strip makes 2 whole blocks at this size.    

A Log Cabin QOV.  I'm MQ'ing dark threads or light.  It's ending up kinda "fussy" for a QOV but will persevere.  Size is 72" x 76"

At Christmas, a friend gave me this 3D puzzle, (note the curve), thinking I needed something to occupy myself.  8-))  Once I determined a system for sorting the numbered and excellently cut pieces, the  assembly went along fairly quickly.  This is an ingenious project and very well made.   

This was my organizing plan, all set up on my sewing work table, with chalk marks to help sort out over 500 pieces.  

My biggest time waster (??) is the dozens of channels now on my  "Smart TV".  When I bought the Smart TV, I had no idea what that meant.  Canceling cable TV saved me a financial chunk every month.  Grand-daughter who works with electronic gadgetry visited and suggested she include me on her "family plan" at no cost to me, so what could I do? - I said "great!"  and she pushed a bunch of buttons, and voila - there it was, overload, but still great fun to learn it's intricasies.    

Tuesday, September 06, 2022

Another "I Spy" quilt, ready for gifting


Many of these cutsies are from many of YOU!  Thank you Jody, Carol, Candace, Elsie, Alice, Anita, and others!  8-)))  Also, Thank You Janet for the 4.5 in ruler which meant I didn't have any trouble quickly recutting fabric bits to exact measurement needed.   Oops, forgot to photo the back, that I  enlarged a little bit past 42 in. in width.  

This layout is copied from   Thank You Wendy!  Her description even included the tricky layout.    

Friday, September 02, 2022

Finally, getting back to quilting and blog posts

Another kids quilt, a QAYG, which turned out pretty kyoot!  I'm loving it.  I was extremely exacting on the measurement suggested by Marti Machell.  The final stitching is done from the front in the ditch, which connects at the same time to exact stitching on the back strips.  That line only needed correction 1 time, so I'm using her exactness from now on.  
I have no plans for this pink quilt - perhaps I'll keep it ready, just in case ...

 This is from the back, I did 4 blocks at a time so the "God's Eye" effect would be apparent on the front.  Blocks stay/finish at 8.5 in.   (Dang it, my "dates" are waaaay off, after recharding the battery!)

Monday, July 11, 2022

Use 'em or lose 'em


I've had this collection of small mola patches for years, then misplaced them, and voila, recently found them.  Decided to make them up into little pouches before they get misplaced again.  They are very primitive on the backs, but the quality/skill of the fronts is most impressive.  They are all made by reverse applique, far better than I can manage, and are probably from Panama or Columbia - wish I had a few more.  The colors are far prettier in person.  I added jewelry charms to each zipper pull.  

The polka dot journal cover needs a few more practice pieces before I can call it a success.  

My skills at making pouches seem to disappear after a year or two.  This time, I only mangled 2 zippers before I remembered how to make the pouches properly.    

Wednesday, June 22, 2022

A surprise win!

A few days ago, Janet O  (Rogue Quilter,  sent me a message that I had won something - oh dear, I don't even remember what I did but look what showed up today .....homemade items, FQs, rulers and templates and lovely glass headed pins.  Janet, the delicious truffle didn't last even long enough for a photo!  How nice - thank you so much, and yes, those FQs will be perfect for more "I Spy" kid quilts.  This surprise definitely perked up my day!  That little Dresden Plate template is calling to me .  

Janet's most recent post is chock FULL of delightful projects and beautiful quilts, and always, the photo header on her blog is STUNNING !!!  I always see God in her sunset or sunrise photos.  

Tuesday, June 21, 2022



Sometimes, a simple border is best.  Thank you to several blogging friends for the excellent suggestion.  

Friday, June 17, 2022

A 30 gallon bag of scraps

 I mentioned my gifted bag of scraps in a previous post.  At first glance, that bag didn't look very appealing but the simple job of sorting them into lights and darks encouraged possibilities. Here is the pretty surprise.  Only a small amount of "lights" was needed from my existing stash.  It still needs some kind of creative border.   

It's hot in western Nebraska, upper 90s. 

Thursday, June 09, 2022

Finished, but no name ???


I made the WELCOME banner long before I finished the quilt.   The banner was made from the quilty crumbs. There are 20 blocks in all.

Perhaps I should just name the quilt "WELCOME" ?? 

Saturday, June 04, 2022

Guild Raffle Quilt for summer 2023


(It was held a little crooked. )  We said "use taupe", and we were aiming for "Low Volume," and "use what is in your stash"  and "something different."  The blocks were made my members of our local quilting/sewing group.  I finished the border and binding, which is my excuse for infrequent blog posts!  Kathy, a new embroidery-talented member, made a stunning label.

Friend Carol gave me a huge bag of scraps that she inherited from ???, most very small, and some too ugly to use (IMHO).  I sorted them and discovered there was a healthy supply of lights, darks and red/orange/yellow combinations.  After sorting, they are now all pressed and ready for ??? who knows what???.  They really are perfect for yet another Pineapple or Log Cabin, or String or .....something.   

Above is the finished back of my DONE quilt that I enlarged by 6 inches on each of the 4 sides.  It had been completed about 4 years ago.  The process was managed reasonably well with a Quilt as You Go method.  Because of its increased size, it became heavy and difficult to maneuver under the sewing machine at times so I had to revert to hand sewing.    The added part starts with that narrow binding, then a 6 inch beige/tan piece, then a new binding.   The yellow toile is the original backing.  (It's folded back on itself.)  I LOVE how it turned out and is perfect on the bed.  The label will be updated with the new dimensions.      

Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Increasing size of my finished quilt


This favorite quilt was finished several years ago, from Quiltville, from one of Bonnie Hunter's books, -- she called her pattern Day Break.  Despite looking fiddly and painful to deal with little pieces, the blocks went together quickly, and the little bits were perfectly aligned.  It has sentimental emotions attached, was one of the quilts made from the "box of scraps" my LQS gave me, and I had hand quilted the border during a lovely jaunt DH and I took Roosevelt National Park - I really love it, called it "Slim Pickins".  But it was just too small to cover the blankets on a full size bed .  Note the borders in the above photo -- 3 sides have an additional border added - I'm working on the 4th.  I removed the binding, then dug into scraps and decided to add 6 inches to each side, sort of Quilt as you Go method.  It's not perfect on the back but it will do, now measuring about 84" x 96".  Yes, the little border squares are one inch.  Again, I pulled out the big table hidden behind the sofa, to help while working on it.  Having that table INSIDE the house was one of my best ideas.  

Sunday, May 01, 2022

That hard-to-remember FLOAT calculation

My first calculation resulted in a "float" of about 3.5 inches ... uhh, doesn't sound right.  Oh great, a slight error when mixing my lengths and widths, having the mess all crumpled up on a too-small work area.  LOL  But even realizing the error, I sure like looking.   

I wonder if my powers of concentration will ever return?

Tuesday, April 26, 2022

Tiny faux flange

 I finished another "I Spy" quilt - have no idea why it takes me so long to get things DONE these days but ... here it is .............. uhhhh oh great, another issue to take up my fleeting time.  

New computer a few months ago, photos somewhere else, options different, etc.  I wanted to show you the tiniest of toooo-kewwwt flange on the binding, but Blogger has tricked me again and I'm tired of fooling with it.  Trust me - it's there, and the best part of this "I spy" quilt.   (now how did I get THIS photo????)

Monday, April 11, 2022

"Mo-Jo" found again!!!!!!!!!!

 I'm still heeeeere!!!!!!!!!!!  

Remember a previous post where I was sorting my ever-increasing pile of boring light and dark scraps?  This is what happened -- 16 blocks, on point.  More strips had to be cut for this WIP!  

I've been working on the border and faux flange binding of our group Raffle Quilt.  Here are some teaser photos - not allowed to show the full project.  We chose to feature "low volume" and "taupe".  There were some doubts as each block maker checked their stash and wondered "what were they thinking?"  Never fear ... the planners had faith!  


I still remember how to make these cheese loaves.  Yum - had to give one away or I would have gobbled both and been sorry!  Even better toasted for breakfast.  

I'm using a finished "I Spy" as the pattern for another "I Spy", using many of the cutsies some of you sent me.  The sewing is easy but the layout was tricky.  A bunch of squares also went home with a friend who also wanted to make a kid's quilt.

The reason for my absence - physician said "surgery, you are High Risk because of past heart history and you are on blood thinners and you are no spring chicken" so I was set up for date with UC Health in eastern Colorado.  Yes, that's right - 250 miles from my home.  Since I live alone, getting to that appt. had a number of logistic issues.  And winter storms that may or may not happen didn't help anxiety levels.  Taking blood thinners mean you must adhere to an exact dose stopping at an exact date before surgery, adding to stress on that point alone.  I planned to drive myself to my brother's home in Broomfield, Co.,  not too far from the hospital, and they offered to get me to/from the hospital, all of us frazzled with Denver traffic and with ever-threatening snow complications. I enjoy driving but have no knowledge of Denver traffic.  I made it just fine to their home.   My brother and wife are also respectful of traffic and rush hours, none of us are spring chickens!  As expected, my visit with them was absolutely wonderful, weather/snow complications were managed, surgery went just fine, I didn't die - what more was needed?   Bruises to my old body (blood thinners) was frightingly impressive, but slowly disappearing.   Frankly, I enjoy "new adventures" but this one was a corker!   I loved my family visit and  rehashing old memories, enjoyed being waited on for several days during recuperation and learning some new food items as brother and wife cook "organic".    My recovery was unexpectedly easy, and I drove home after several days of recuperation.  

Why does it take a month to make up for 10 days gone after returning home???? 

Thursday, February 24, 2022

Less than enthusiastic

 I've been putting off a job - clearing out my huge trash basket next to the sewing machine.   Sometimes, good stuff remains on my sewing desk and I just swish all those unknowns into the huge trash basket, mostly to clear it off my mind.  A few crumb block items were made recently from the top layers, but its depths remained undisturbed for years.  Today was the day.  The 6 ft. picnic table was dragged from behind the sofa and set up for WORK!  I figured, lights, medium lights, darks including black and reds, bright kids prints, and several packages of "too good to throw out, but presently useless."

Here is yet another mess!  Nothing except the woven trash basket seams worth keeping!  Perhaps I've already used up the best parts? ...perhaps I should press it all and trim ... maybe an Internet search to Walmart or Menards to invest in another small storage cabinet ... there went 2 hours on the computer!

With so much unused, sorted, pressed yardage nicely folded up in other cabinet drawers, it seems almost pointless to use up these bits and crumbs.  Maybe this mess needs to "cook" for a while .. maybe I should just make up a few 9-patches and see what happens, maybe a double strong cup of coffee???   or, perhaps I should just return to the collection of "I spy" prints, stored in another cabinet.  OK brain, concentrate and do SOMETHING!!!!

Sunday, February 20, 2022

Still Here - Making "I Spy" quilts


Another "I Spy" quilt - the back - I finally can use that wild stripe!

Some of you kindly sent me "cutsies" - I'm using them.  They are so bright and colorful - again, thank you to all.  More kid/toddler quilts to come - this one will be ready when needed.  I only quilted little curvy loops in the white borders and left the cutsies unquilted.  The white was quilted from left side across the jaggedy line to the right side  - simple.    As simple as these little squares were, I blanked when it came to their assembly. 


My days have been filled with working on a Guild Raffle Quilt.  Our local gals made the blocks and then the sashing strips - can't show you - I've been working on the border that brought the size up to Queen size.   

Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Provided by Quilters!


Tuesday afternoon:  Two packets of kid fabric chunks and squares arrived today, all squished into my mailbox!  Wowser - like Christmas in January!!!!!  Thank you so much ladies - what a warm, lovely way to finish my afternoon!  One packet arrived from Utah, and another from Ontario - you know who you are!   8-)))))  I can't wait to start on the next "I Spy" quilt - I've been given many, many cute, kid-type fabrics - so many fun pieces, images we've not seen around here.  Life is good!  

The previously shown "I Spy" quilt was completed and gifted - hope the parents enjoy many years of games with their little boy.   

God bless you all.  

Monday, January 10, 2022

Disappearing 9-Patch, (I Spy) Kids Quilt

 So far, so good.

Closer view - my arrangement left all the blocks right side up.  

I have a LOT more 4.5 in. squares, sent from friends and bloggers.  Everyone wanted to help out!  This quilt is going to an RN who headed up the Cardio P.T. that I attended for almost 3 months.  She had a new baby about the time of my medical "incident" so I wasn't able to make it then.

It's very jumbled, but I am trying new things -- I like it.  I had seen a friend's Disappearing 9-Patch that was over-the-top beautiful, made with black on black background batiks, with each square in a bright, almost solid batiks - it was stunning.  So, that batik idea is for another day.  Best part of this quilt is few seams to match, and enjoying the variety of cute squares that came from numerous local and national friends.  8-)))   Thank you to all.  A second quilt is in the making for the squares that came later.    This one is about 56 inches square. 

Saturday, January 01, 2022

Overfed, and an "I Spy" Quilt

 This was a greeting card I received - LOVE IT!  Been there, done that!  Happy New Year everyone!

I'm working on this Disappearing 9-patch, and also put a call out to my nearby quilty friends as I need MORE of those cute, bright squares.  My efforts to shop for new, fresh charms was not successful - perhaps too many others had same idea.