Saturday, December 31, 2016

More, More Farm Girl Blocks, and Blizzard

Yep, still more blocks for Farm Girl Vintage - I am getting close to the suggested 48!  The whole point to this lovely project was to make a quilt that took "a long time".  I'm trying to appreciate "slow progress". 

In the meantime, here is outside our front door, Christmas Day.  I just HAD to get out of the house.  Blizzard warnings and whiteout conditions kept most folks indoors.  The fresh air felt wonderful, but in a matter of minutes, my cheeks were feeling frostbit -- wind was terrible.  I walked only half a block one way then was sorry and came back inside!  Dh decided I had lost my mind.      
 A big "thank you" to the unknown folks who cleared off the sidewalk , the first time - they are so bundled up that we hadn't a clue!  By morning, the sidewalks needed it again, and "someone else"  cleared them.

Happy New Year everyone!!!

Sunday, December 18, 2016

More "Farm Girl Vintage" Blocks

I decided to make "blocks that take some time" - not just speed quilting, because my closets are full of quilts already ! 

These are all 6 inch blocks.  Some are "fiddly", but I still like them. Definitely NOT speed anything!  This is the first time I actually sat and followed all instructions.  Colors are my own choice.   Instructions are also included for 12 inch blocks, as well as various varieties of other quilts, ideas, layouts, designs in this beautiful farm-based quilting book by Lori Holt . Even if you didn't sew or quilt, her book is a visual delight!

28 blocks made - 48 needed.

Sunday, December 11, 2016

Learning Humility

This was our  BOM (block of the month) for November Guild meeting, over a month ago.  Despite it being "easy",  and I have been quilting for over 35 years, and feeling a little bit "overqualified" at having to make such an "easy" 12 inch block,  it took me 4 tries to get it right!  Some of the problems were fabric selection, but others were simply putting the right pieces in the right places.  Good Grief! Where were my brains?

Finally, after the 4th try, it was done and correct !  I was so relieved to be DONE with it and snapped a photo for my blog, then happily turned it into the BOM at Guild, where a former sailing friend won them all - I was so pleased!  Today, a month later, I looked at it on my photos and ... OMGOSH!!!  Do you see the stupid error, AGAIN!!!  Yes, all the white sails are upside down.

Where were my brains on such an easy block????  My husband will never let up teasing me!  LOL  I had even proudly ( !! ) attached a return address sticker on the back.   
Every time when I think I’m doing pretty good with life and I’m busy patting myself on the back, my Creator reminds me not to get too uppity!  8-)) 

Wishing you all lovely Holidays and a Happy New Year,

Elaine Adair