Friday, September 25, 2020

Tried to pay the toll in Illinois - warning - a RANT!

I've never had a library fine, no tickets, no accidents, but due to unexpectedly ending up driving on an Illinois Tollway, I missed one unmanned (!) toll, and drove thu another unmanned (!) toll which had money/credit card slots and baskets taped shut.  I had been prepared for emergencies with a basket of quarters, just in case.  I won't mention my Nebraska plate, no Transponder Pass on my windshield, heavy traffic speeding at 80 mph, and I didn't want to be on this xxxx tollway in the first place.  (And, I usually drive in a town with just 5 traffic lights.)

10 days later, recovering at home from vacationing,  I remembered to rectify this error and went on-line to determine how to pay for 2 tolls.  My Illinois friend who is visiting me also assisted my efforts, and both of us assumed this would be a short, but tedious venture, and my honest nature insisted this was the way to go.  This is a normal oversight and Illinois has kindly (?) offered multiple pages on line to assist.   After much information-overload, and assurances of "EASY", my patience came to an end.  I no longer enjoyed hearing helpful information, encouraging patience from my dear friend who is offering assistance.  Two and a half hours later, needing new passwords, opening accounts, warnings of "didn't match",  enter your mobile cell phone (the WORST, trying to get that to "take"),  I'd had enuf, and slammed my computer closed, and checked the frig. for old wine.  My friend and I are still speaking.  

I think I'll receive an invoice, possibly with a fine, or fee or who knows what.  This was really one of the most aggravating experiences I've had.  

My sewing machine is beckoning me.    

Monday, September 07, 2020

MORE Pineapple - "Green, Green Fields of Home"

Fast arrangement, a WIP -  There are two block, set alternately.  The  alternate "O" rings do not show as I had expected.  By including a light neutral around that central brick color of the "O" rings, it causes the eye to jump right there as opposed to first noting the diagonal design across the quilt.  As in the past, I used Gyleen Fitzgerald inspiration and her pineapple ruler.  While there are other good rulers, hers is clear and uncluttered.  These are all 8 in. fin. blocks, and are greener in person. 

(I was playing with filters, colors should be evenly darkened)  

Below is Pineapple Parade, made a while ago, same pattern, but the centers of the "O" block were left all dark.  Both quilts are still scrappy, but that very small change from the above center DOES result in a more apparent  diagonal design.  


And again, this one from years ago, the center of the "O" block remain dark.  BTW, it's finished, won a First Place, and is somewhere in a closet!  I guess you can guess this design is a favorite!  

Saturday, September 05, 2020

Pineapple, "Green, Green Fields of Home"


This is my 5th ??? Pineapple Quilt /blocks I've made - there is just something about them I find appealing. They are perfect for scraps, of which I have many.  I absolutely love watching a DVD from Gyleen X Fitzgerald  whose design this is.  I purchased her DVD from the original Craftsy,  or was it Annies Crafts ?? AND her ruler.  There are other designs on the DVD but I'm stuck on this one, she calls it Hugs and Kisses.  Her delivery is peaceful, unstressful - a very pleasant project.  There are 2 different blocks for this version.  Note the "O" in the left block and the more symetrical coloration in the right.  The blocks on the right are each individual, in various color combos, but all with the same off-white light.  I've used greens, browns, lavendars and  harvest colors, all which remind me of my fortunate childhood on a small farm in Illinois.  

New subject:  

Some of you are have asked how things are in my quiet home, following the passing of my dear husband.  I'm doing well as expected and am very aware of my many blessings.  There is a season for everything - he always said "Make Every Day Count" and I'm doing my best.  I am eternally grateful for our years together, and now for my friendships, here in blogland, and in my "real life".  8-))  I am well and healthy, have friends, and feel safe and comfortable where I live.  It's now my job to keep going forward and to live my own life as well as possible.  Fortunately, I have this passion of sewing and quilting that always gives me pleasure.  "One Day at a Time" .  Even as a widow, I don't plan to disappear into dark places or sadness.   Yes, I have my moments, but I also have my job to do, that is to continue to live a good life.  Thank you all for comments or personal notes.  All are appreciated.

Tuesday, September 01, 2020

Lotsa Pink Strips, almost threw it out!

This one, shown previously, was a candidate for the trash basket - I was so disgusted.  It had called to me "make straight, walking foot lines".  Sounded good so I started straight machine quilting lines at the same angle as the triangles.  One line looked lonesome, so I added a second straight line.  The straight lines looked kinda overly structured, so I started curving them over each other.  Elaine, just quilt some more ... uh oh, those curving, overlapping double lines now crossed over the triangle lines....., oh Elaine just quilt some more, and, and, ad nauseum, until half was quilted, UGLIEST THING YOU EVER SAW!   OK, have some caffeine, put your feet up, turn on TV, and start pulling out the stitches.  Yes, 3-4 days of removing them, keeping a few here and there to maintain where the pins were at one time.

Successful quilting design was a curling single line of loops and/or hearts/leaves, all wide open.  The earlier straight sticthes left a LOT of ugly lines in the quilt, but I spritzed them and shook the quilt, more spritzing, more shaking and in the end, it's good!   

I finished the binding with machine stitching on the front between the pinkbinding and the white faux pink/white striped fabric.  Stitches are well hidden. 

I needed a few more inches on the width. It's busy enough to hide machine quilting stitches.