Sunday, October 25, 2020

Green, Green Fields of Home ... ???

 No green in this yard, due to heavy snow today!  But I do have fond memories of  early life on a small  farm in Illinois.  The early green alfalfa fields were a favorite, and especially,  those pink/lavendar blossoms.

Here is my latest project - another "Pineapple, Green, Green Fields of Home"- I seem to be obsessed with them.  I've used a lot of greens in the blocks -- notice there are 2 different block layouts, similar to 2 or 3 I've made previously.  All the blocks are made with different fabrics, all scrappy, with the same light, slubby muslin.  There are a few "odd" blue and/or gold blocks.  Calculations on the inner border were successful, first time around, thanks to Gyleen X. Fitzgerald. I purchased her DVD from Annie's Craft, "Learn to Quilt With Scraps: Stash to Treasure".

The back - I needed another quarter yard - had to improvise.

Stay healthy everyone!  Thank you Mom, for helping me learn to sew!

Thursday, October 08, 2020

Small Blessings to Brighten up the Day.

 My previous post featured a quilt I'd given away and it's new home with a 7 yr. old great niece.  I recently received a Thank You note from her.   Look at her little quilt drawing!  Is that cute or is that cute?

(I covered her name.)

The notecard itself was over-the-top dear!  

Thursday, October 01, 2020

Road Trip and Home for a Quilt

I recently returned from a Road Trip that included a stop in northeastern Nebraska, then headed east across Iowa to southern Wisconsin, then south and AROUND Chicago to where my folks had their farm in Richton Park, Illinois, then I picked up a Girl Friend from High School in that area, and she came home with me as we drove west back across Iowa, returning to my home in western Nebraska for a very nice visit, then she returned by plane back to her home -- 2093 miles on my Odometer - I always did LOVE to drive!  It is miraculous that all 3 of these destinations to visit friends and family could be managed with just ONE trip.  

In preparation, I had loaded up one finished quilt, hoping a relative would give it a good home.  Ya think this 7 yr. old great-niece likes it?