Sunday, December 30, 2018

42 Blocks for Daybreak; Chickens and Bears

 Yeahhhhhh- one week of intense (obsessive) piecing and here are 42 blocks from Bonnie Hunter's newest book.  She calls the design "Daybreak".  I used scrappy, but didn't do string piecing in this version. 

A gift from a dear friend.  Some of these chickens started in my home  years ago, but in a fit of me going crazy from too many UFOs, I gave the chickens and fabrics to my friend, knowing she would find a good home for a finished project.  Then, this lovely surprise gift came back to me!.  Seeing it in an original setting makes me wonder why I didn't love it at the time.  The combs and wattles and chick beaks are all dimensional. I can't stop looking at it - so cute!!!  What a warm and loving gift to me. 

What are those little dark critters walking over the corner?

That's what they are - meant to be attached to the trunk of a tree, looking very real.  The pine tree will protect them from elements, and too much sun.  Aren't they realistic?.  I lived near Smokey Mountains for long time and bear cubs were sometimes seen in the mountains. 

A lot of cooking happened over the last 2 weeks - I decided to try out the seldom-used food chopper and determine if the blade was still sharp, but never imagined this would happen.  I covered the teensy cut with a bandage and because there were potatoes to peel, I put on a rubber glove for a hour or so, while I went about my duties.  When I removed the glove, the finger tip was really full of my body fluids!  

Saturday, December 22, 2018

Obsessive Piecing Happening Here!

My wonderful LQS has AGAIN gifted me with a huge box of scraps and I can't stop using them! 

This is part of "Daybreak" from Bonnie Hunter's newest book that came much earlier than I had expected.  I have a dozen blocks made.  What fun these are, using gifted scraps, but also clearing out some of mine.  Finished block is 8 in.  Note that I DID keep the orientation the same in each 4-patch. 

There's  a Thousand Pyramids top, folded up, waiting for border ideas.

... and a Strip and Slash, with all the blocks made, but only half a quilt made.

... and 4 Bonnie's Tiles started but it was put on a back burner. 

All of these started from ONE BOX of scraps.  HUGE Thank You to Pat's Creative Stitchery!