Monday, October 30, 2017

Fence Rail, or is it Rail Fence?

This inspiration came from - thanks Bonnie!

Simple stash user, but those black and white checks took some getting used to!  In the end, they make the quilt!  (Where have we heard those kinds of comments before?)

I quilted it with light blue variegated in a topographic type design.  There's a lot of quilting in there, more than necessary for a kid's quilt - wish I had done something simpler but it sure gives it a nice texture.

Above - the last of that cute fabric!

Friday, October 27, 2017

Short and Sweet - Waste of Money!

Scissors Sharpener - Don't waste your money - it did not sharpen my scissors, but made them even worse.  I can't remember what I paid, but perhaps $14.99 - must have had too much money that day!

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

"Prolific Pyramids" - a finish

This may be called "Thousand Pyramids" but 1000 is too many this time.  All from my stash, except the backing.  I practiced "ruler work" on this one and was marginally pleased with what I did.  The end result is much better than I expected.  These triangles/pyramids are using the triangle from Tri-Recs, a little more graceful than the 60 degree equilateral triangle.  I called it "Prolific" because every time I turned around, another triangle was needed, and then those baby ones started showing up!

I was surprised with how easy this was and how many different ways the triangles could be set together, resulting in a myriad of variations.  I grouped 4 light and 4 dark triangles in each unit, and always had the darks on the same side each time.  I pressed seams open and again was pleased with the ease of sewing them, with reasonable care, as 2 sides were on bias. 

DH was holding this up and sun was shining thru.  It's all quilted and DONE.  

 Lots of straight lines, lots of practice with rulers!  I reverted back to free-form quilting in the side triangles. 
 Backing - isn't it delightful?  ... giraffes, with little blue baby giraffes.