Sunday, August 31, 2014

Handsome Log Cabin

I laughingly called this a "Handsome Log Cabin, and the name stuck!  It was destined for a donation quilt - now, I am not sure.  It started out so "humble-y" and my goodness, now I really LOVE it!  It's amazing how a setting can alter a design!

The border AND the columns are quilted in a variety designs.  I like ALL of them but discovered that longish straight lines in the light parts of the Log Cabin didn't work well.  (I quilt on a DSM, not easy to do straight lines!).  I removed them and re-quilted that area with shorter lines - much better - still not straight, but OK and more interesting.  

I used light thread in light half of Log Cabin, columns, dark in dark half of Log Cabin

Innies and outies, ala  in a squarish design.  Because there was a large area, I chalked some gridlines as guides. 

Below are small paisley-type plumes. 

Here are some swirls in the dark  (complete with a thread hanging on!) 

Curly things in the light.

More curly things - some people call these "bananas".