Saturday, August 22, 2020

Pineapple Pillow

 My fingers have been itchin' to make Pineapple blocks.  This time I'm stopping with just FOUR blocks for a 16 in pillow.  Maybe this small project will relieve the itch!  My goal was to use subtle values, and NOT white for background.  I was amazed at what that orchidish fabric did for the foresty colors. ( I have to tilt my screen to see the colors more accurately.)

Monday, August 17, 2020

Kindnesses, and another kid quilt

Firstly, a HUGE Thank you to Candace of for her friendship and a beautiful gift that arrived today.  She is a very gifted sewist as well as quilter and I am deeply grateful for her kindness.  

Today, I finished this little girl quilt.  I was inspired by a YouTube video from Krista Moser.  I've been quilting many years but sometimes SOMETHING strikes your fancy, and her projects did just that.  She's bright and fresh, and presents an excellent and well-presented video.  The projects that I lean toward lately, are 60 degree wedges and voila, that's what she's doing in amazing new colorways.  

My first idea was getting waaaaay too large, like I frequently do, but this time I stopped and took out 2 triangles of strips and 2 plain whites in each row  - MUCH better.  

Below is the "getting too large" version  Seems like the white has taken over.  While I dreaded removing and unsewing, I almost have enough left for a second quilt.  Both these quilts were sewn in rows across, not diagonally.  No problem at all.  Seams of the block-to-block were pressed open.  

Tuesday, August 04, 2020

Kids Prints, I Spy

Many of these cute prints were sent to me by a blogging friend,  (thank you Joan, of www.shelbystitcher) with my promise that I'd get the fabric made up into kids quilts.  So far, so good. 

I was particularly interested in the setting and sashing of this design.  The quilt made up larger than expected (like always?).  It's 60 x 70".  Good for toddler, perfect for an "I Spy".   There are a few duplicates.  My favorite block is a little dark haired girl with glasses - so cute!!!

 I needed a little more width to the backing.  Those are little spools on the back.

Saturday, August 01, 2020

Proof - REAL Crumbs!

A friend joked that my recent Crumb fabric was probably just freshly cut up fabric so it LOOKED like crumbs but (friendly scarcasm) probably wasn't really from the trash basket.  So I pulled out all the blocks I made several weeks ago and laid them next to the most recent crumb block WELCOME banner.  See?  There are all the fabrics - I told you so! 

I used spray basting to sandich the banner and had planned to hand quilt it.  However, my needle refused to cooperate, I am guessing it's because of the spray basting product.  Makes sense - it's sticky.  So I finished the banner with machine quilting.   You almost have to study the busy letters to determine what it says! 

New projects:  Over the last few days I have repainted the upstairs bath, washed everything that sat still, washed and rehung blinds, washed and painted cabinets, front and back, planned new valance over window, spackled in shower area, dragged in the big step ladder and washed walls and painted high cabinets.  This unexpected burst of energy is totally foreign to me, but I'll take it, as long as it lasts!  I called a friend before attacking the high wall washing, just in case of disaster!