Monday, December 14, 2020

Aggravation never end

My downloaded photos are going somewhere - I can't find them.  No one needs these aggravations.  

Saturday, December 05, 2020

NQR - Unwallpapering, and home improvements

I've lived in this house for 22 years and  had planned to remove this wall paper as the first home improvement.   A friend about my age visited me recently and she said she used to visit in this house as a little girl, and clearly remembered the wallpaper!  LOL  So, that got me moving.  Tried the hot water and fabric softener sprayed on the wall -- didn't touch it.  A trip today to Menards and I came home with a wallpaper steamer gadget, and yes, it's working, but still a mess.   I scored it all, with a "tiger" gadget, which makes little holes in the paper to soak up the moisture.  It's taking 2 separate efforts for slow removal with a putty knife because every bit of wallpaper, so far, comes off separately from the kraft-type paper behind it, so that's double work..   Behind  kraft-type paper is another very thin layer of something, white, some kind of coat - no one to ask, I'm going forward.  That thin coat is staying in place in most spots but I'm not sure what it is.  I'm sure there will be some sanding, primering, etc., before a final painting of this living room.  I'll "call the man" for that job!  I'm planning new carpet hopefully by June  (another "call the man" job) so this pain in the patoot needs to be completed first.  The wallpaper fortunatly does not go to the coved ceiling and is only on parts of the walls.  Moving curio/chatzky cabinets will be another issue.  

I laid down a plastic tarp, towels at the baseboard, brought a large tote to try and corral all the bits of paper.  NOT pretty site, is it?  Hope I don't get over my head.  I covered the light switches in blue tape for safety.

On another front, my kitchen countertop and backsplash tiles are unloaded, so that will be the first job to get done.  The installer said I'm "next" on his list.  

I DO have a QOV in process and am machine quilting between sessions of this unwallpapering project.