Wednesday, January 18, 2012

"Steps" - done

This Rebuilt Log Cabin project is DONE, with the exception of a label.  Saturday is Guild Day and I’ll take this for Show and Tell.  This is about 82" x 104", and quilted on a DSM, no stitch regulator.  It’s difficult to see the border, but it’s all various leaves, a few sprites, scrolls, curliques, a ribbon or two, following an implied vine, serpentining around the border, following the path of dark blue squares.  The quilt finished very square and straight.  Despite looking complicated, this is an easy border, which started with Scrappy Bargello.  The first border (at the bottom) contained a bright blue that I didn't care for, but left it in - after all - that's how it started, and you never know what it's going to look like until it's done. 

DH was trying to hold it straight, but the deck is still icy and it’s COLD today!  And there is still some fluff, bits of thread to be removed.

I started this in October 2011 end, making the 50 Log Cabin blocks at a 3-day Quilt Retreat.  But then, due to several too-sad, distressing family illnesses and deaths, could not get back “into it.” The sad stress resulted in that our household was not working well, until I realized that “Steps” is what life, and death, and our quilting, are sometimes all about. Some steps are good, some terrible, but we still have that journey to wade through.  So I pulled myself back into this pastime that I love, the one that calms me, gives me inspiration, and exemplifies our lives, and our life returned back to some semblance of quiet order. The border?  Yes, it’s somewhat overwhelming – that’s exactly what it should be – a little overwhelming, to finish THIS quilt, called “Steps

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Temps, MQ Mess, Border Quilting

 I reside in the middle of the USA, in the High Plains of western Nebraska (almost 4000 elevation), where we have had minus 36 degrees F. in January a few years ago.  This was taken last week and was the same temp the previous week as well - kinda scarey to be so warm this time of year.

Above is the kind of mess one has when machine quilting a large quilt on a domestic sewing machine.  Notice the crooked pictures, the blinds are mashed against the window, and my boxes of other projects on the sewing table surface are all askew.  I had to be careful that I didn't quilt loose bits of Orca Bay into the back of this quilt, "Steps", another Rebuilt Log Cabin.  The second light source is necessary to see stitches behind the machine. 

Do you see the large clip at the top of the photo?  The clip holds final instructions for an Arabic Lattice (John Flynn) hanging on the valance.  I was sure the project would be finished 2 years ago.  Oh my, that really IS a UFO.  The setting of the blocks are unusual and confusing, so I made sure directions were right in front of my face -- but 2 years ago???

Below is my current project (between Orca Bay construction), a Rebuilt Log Cabin called "Steps".    It's nearly finished and I'm working on coming up with a quilting design in the last border, 9 inches wide.  The book is from, and her suggestion is hyperquilted.  In this case, the extra color and lines are not needed but I sure like the thread lines. 

I use a Flexicurve, a long version, to help me "see" what the plan will look like.  I'll chalk in the implied spine, will start at the left (bottom) and work up to the top corner. 

Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Orca Bay, "Nearly 4000", 3 Rows Completed

It's difficult to get a good photo of this wide project, but here's the best I can do.  And somewhere in this quilt is a small piece of fabric that Bonnie Hunter gave to me, when she was in Casper Wyoming, 3 years ago.  See Bonnie? I used it!  Thank you Vic, for your donations!  They're IN there!

DH is having a hard time "seeing" the pattern, even after I showed him the photo of the finished quilt from our instruction sheet. 

I have soooo enjoyed seeing all the varieties and versions of HUNDREDS of other Orca Bay quilts - some are already finished and on the way to the long-armer!!!  And every one is just wonderful - some colors didn't end up like we thought, other colors took over, but each one is a beauty!  Thanks Bonnie for this delightful journey. 

Monday, January 02, 2012

Orca Bay, Progress - "Nearly 4000"

For viewers who haven't seen this project, the layout of this quilt is/was a surprise - we have a bunch of LIGHT stars yet to fit in, and the end plan is amazing.  Here's my version of Orca Bay -- although I want to come up with my own name - probably something like "407,287 pieces!"  just kidding about that many pieces but I DO think it might be "Nearly 4000."  Hey, there's the quilt name!

Four of my dark stars have pink in the middle, and 4 light stars have pink in the middle.  Hope the pink centers are not distractive.  I DO love the characteristics of strings.  Too short, and they can be stretched a bit -- too long and they are easily trimmed.  Most of my pieces fit well.

I still have the border pieces to cut and make, but I'm liking this
  Mystery a LOT! 

People sometimes ask, "How long did it take you to make?" I started November 27.  Not long when one get's organized, driven, obsessive,  compulsive and guarded with one's time!  LOL

Now, I'm off to see all the various versions posted all over the Internet!  WE're all having FUN - Thanks Bonnie!