Sunday, June 24, 2012

Our owl friends

They're baaaack!  8-))  A 4th one joined them soon after this photo.  It's about 8:30 pm, and dusky/dark.  They were not at all concerned by us peeking at them, nor the camera flash!  We finally went quietly out on the deck and sat down - our presence didn't bother them at all!  Astonishing how unafraid they are.  And what on earth do they want looking into the house???   Look at their intense staring - I need to check out a Birdwatching site to find answers!  Are they seeing their reflection? or light? or moths on the deck glass door?  They did a lot of looking UP.   Soon these 3, then 4, swooped away, and we saw the 5th one join them from another direction - we're happy to know they are still a whole family.  Their delightful head bobbing and circling must serve some practical purpose. 

This is Sunday evening.  Saturday night one was  sitting on the fence looking right back at us into the kitchen window, when we opened the window for night air.   We are blessed. 

Saturday, June 23, 2012

RED - a work in process, and OWL update

Yesterday, I was able to get this quilt sandwiched, early in the morning, before the horrid heat.  Today is expected to be near 105 deagrees, so what am I doing, quilting!  LOL!

This design is so similar to one I frequently do,  but more carefree, lighthearted and "open".  It's kinda "posey-like".  Kinda like daisy, flowery, but still "cute."

Look at my backing!  Is this not over-the-top???  It was on sale, and the ONLY one that would "do", colorwise.  I am usually NOT a florally person.

 The quilting thread is a variegated redish/pinky and the thread on the back is a beigy white. Both are working well.

On another subject;  Happily, the OWLS  are still in the neighborhood.  Last night, as I was closing up the back door for the night, there were two "lumpy dark things" on the deck rail.  Yeppers, two of the little owls - they looked back at me with their lovely huge eyes, and their heads circling so humorously - I know it's silly, but I almost thought they wanted to "connect" with me!  LOL  I didn't want to scare them with my camera - sorry no photos.  They have also been spotted in another person's trees, nearby.  It's not hard to find them during the day if one just listens for other birds, (robins, jays,) who put up such a racket if the owls are roosting nearby.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Screech Owl, Video.

I am possibly the only one left who is not tired of looking at these little creatures.  Learning how to download my short video onto YouTube and then finding it again to insert into this blog post, is a major accomplishment! 

He/she really IS almost this close!  Hope they return for keeps.  At last count, there were 5 of them.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

A Day of Surprises!

(Stock photo)

Yesterday there two of them.  I counted later and there were 3 of them, surprising DH.  By the end of day, there were 4 little owls.  When it was dusk, they all flew off, to a nearby neighbor's tree, and two of them seemed to be somewhat clumsy -- maybe youngsters.  We could hear their gentle warbling sounds, very faint.  They lined up on a branch like a chorus line, checking us out, and then, almost in unison, did the head bobbing/circling of their heads, looking like little cartoons!  So cute and so funny! 

Today was full of MORE surprises - firstly, the owls were back - that was a surprise in itself.   One was in my evergreen tree, just off the deck just like yesterday,  and the others were in a neighboring evergreen tree - but, now there are FIVE of them!

I wonder if the total will change tomorrow???  Can't wait to find out!

Monday, June 11, 2012

Blessings Repeated

What on earth is that lumpy thing in the birdbath?

10:00 am - The Screech Owl has returned!!!   (red eye and all)

In the neighbor's tree - all clean and fresh!

 1:00 pm - Look closer - there are TWO at the top of the photo, and what is that at the bottom of the photo?

 Yes - this time there are three of them.  In the photo below, they are all huddled into one lump! 
What you cannot tell from the photo, is that these little critters are so small, so lovely and delicate - like little woodsy jewels.  It's now 4:30 in the afternoon, and they are still in the tree.  Sometimes they were sleeping, with eyes closed.  We could have reached out the touched - yeah, right -- if we were fools!  They were so close, and so unafraid.  We let them rest and sleep in peace.

6:00 pm - a FOURTH one has appeared!  They are all still in the tree, some sleeping, some watching.

Saturday, June 09, 2012

Spider Web - YIKES

I've had a pile of 1 1/2 inch strips on my sewing center for uhhhh, well over a year, for "the right moment" (that sounds like a Viagra commercial - LOL) -- and the time has come!  In appreciation for the videos from Missouri Quilt Co,  on YouTube, I had purchased a template and precut papers from them for a Spider Web Quilt.  I already had the slubby muslin for the star points - I am very happy with it so far!  The package included the template, the papers, and a Lapel Stick glue. These are laying how I finished them - no arrangement yet. 

If you try this project with YOUR strips, you will love your colors, as they have come from YOUR stash.  This is what you do with strings of STASH!

The blocks look to be about 10 inches.  You start by pasting the muslin down ON the paper, which is marked, then start adding the strips, pressing, then trimming them cleanly - EASY-PEASY!  There are various other patterns going 'round, and I was inspired by the one on, but this is the direction I went.  The hardest part was deciding on the color for the muslin "stars."  (Yes, the paper has to come off, later.  I used a small stitch.)

After making about 30 blocks, I started running low on darks, and raided my 2 inch box of strips, and it looks like I'll have to raid my 2.5 inch box of strips.  I'll trim them slimmer.  BTW, I'll made NO effort at matching seams on those strings when it's time to put the HSTs together. 

Friday, June 08, 2012

RED, top nearly completed

I'm adding the border today - these pieces are only laid down - some of them need  adjustment in length.  I had planned another similar border, but it was getting too large.  This one will be about 63 x 75.  Blocks are 6 inch finished, first light border finishes as 1.5, triangles finish at 3, and last border finishes at 3.  If you are new to triangles for a border, be sure you plan the layout first before sewing them - sometimes those little rascals trick you!

For those of you who struggle with color choices, what fabrics?, will this match,? is that too light?, etc. The only fabric that I had questions about, was a pinky/yellow-y Valentine heart-type fabric and you guessed it, it's the piece that gives the quilt punch and interest.  So, LESSON # 846, don't fuss and fiddle and overthink your fabric choices --  pick a pallette and then JUST GOOOO FOR IT!   IMHO, this quilt BEGS to be scrappy!!!  You simply need lights and darks.

All fabric was from stash.  8-)  This is sometimes called Jewel Box, or Buckeye Beauty, Quiltville has one called Blue Ridge Beauty.  This is a VERY versatile block, so simple, yet design options are endless!  I've used it for a great border.