Sunday, August 26, 2012

An "I SPY" quilt for Jennie's 2nd boy

I started this "I SPY" quilt about one week ago.  The top went together in one day, while visiting with friends, and the quilting took about another day, and binding about 2-3 hours. 

This is for dh's dear grandaughter, expecting her 2nd boy.  Older brother is 6, so he can "teach" the baby.  The prints are from Keepsake Quilting - "Kids Prints" and are so bright, cheerful, current, and quality fabrics, and have characters from kids books.  You might want to check them out, for your next baby quilt.  There are 50 squares for $13.99 - a bargain, given how cute they all are.  I used 48 for this and I believe they are 5 inches square. 

My quilting in the center is free-form loops and double loops (balloons), a few hearts, and several scrolls.  In the border I just did 3 rows of straight lines, in different widths.  The red fabric is full of alphabet letters and doo-dads.  CUTE!

Monday, August 13, 2012

Scrappy Stars - DONE

Square innies and outies.
 We think we survived the big ISP changeover, i.e., TV, Internet, Phones - what an ordeal!  I gained a TV and my OWN remote control (!!!!) and we're saving $70.00/mo.  (Hope that aspect lasts for a while!)  DH and I are back to speaking with one another - I knew the changes would be stressful, but it's DONE.   I still don't have my blog comment e-mail where I want it, but that will come in time.

I'm finished with this Scrappy Stars, a class I took in May, from Bonnie Kucera, of eastern Nebraska (Fremont?)

I'm loving how it went together and also am pleased with my chunky border.  My Janome 6500 always behaves. 

One thing that always confused me, when I first started machine quilting,  given those infamous instructions at the end of a project, "Quilt as Desired,"  I would look out in space, "Does anyone know what I desire????"   Who knew?  I'm getting better at choosing what I desire, and in this quilt, I've included a variety of motifs.  Perhaps you might desire some of these choices.  The overall quilting is similar to a posey petal thing, but I accidently made them squarish and THAT is very appealing, and cog, or gear-like.

I've included a photos of the backing - I used that fabric to narrow my "Pull" choices.  The only fabric I purchased was the inner music border. 

The blocks are 12 inches, and the total quilt size is about 58 x 70. 
Paisley-type motifs

Diagonal lines, following the small print.

Vertical and horizontal lines - not sure I like it but ...

Swirls quilting motifs - easier than it looks.

My favorite quilting example.

Cog-like quilting motifs

Inner "music" border - look closely for quilting!

Quilt colors pulled from the backing suggestion.

I just liked looking at it hanging over the rail.