Friday, December 17, 2021

Patchwork Christmas Trees, REAL crumbs, everywhere!, Cardio P.T.


I've made 5 - this is from Jordon Fabrics, YouTube video, called a Patchwork Christmas Tree and a printed pattern is FREE.  She says it is "fast" -  but each one took me a day - lack of concentration on my part.  I did a brief amount of machine quilting in the background and on the tree.   I decided if I made one, I might as well make half a dozen or so.  It's about 18 in. square and I put corners on the back and could be hung or used on a table.   

Below:  A real crumby mess - that WAS a cute little sugar bowl.  Too much energy on my part, not enuf self-control - the sugar and chips went everywhere.  The sugar was destined for the top of Cherry/Walnut Scones.  As luck would have it, the drawer was also open, and bits and pieces ended up in the tableware.  Slow down Elaine Adair!   BTW, the Scones were delicious!

Cardio Physical Therapy -- y
esterday I "graduated" from 3 months of disciplined Cardio P.T. to strengthen my heart after the heart "event" last August.  The RN nurses were skilled and wonderful - I was waited on, fussed over, measured and monitored several times each session. and everything was explained clearly what was happening.  I had been doing physical exercises for years but had concentrated on strength and flexibility of big muscles but didn't know about cardio strength exercises.  I'm finished with the P.T., in better shape than where I started and all lab results are on the positive side, all parts within "normal" range.   Funny thing, they were all in "normal" range before the heart attack, now they are just better.  Nothing of interest or alarm was shown, either before or after the attack - Have no idea what that proves or disproves, only that I am in decent shape.  The stent is doing its job.   I lost 20 lbs on this Heart Diet for all the right reasons, and will try to continue because it feels wonderful to be in looser clothing.  I guess it means a heart event can happen to anyone.  Please, pay attention to odd happenings with your own body. 

 Looks like I'll have more time to use up my fabric stash!

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays to all!

Sunday, December 05, 2021

Crumb Blocks - Can't make just one!


Marsha gave me a shoebox full of scraps about year ago.  I put them together, aiming for 6 1/2 in. chunks.  It was difficult to actually stop sewing little bits together!  Lots of fun - I wish I'd not used the cornerstone in the sashing, but live and learn - those busy blocks like "plain" sashing better.    This is about 44" x 58"   It finished up so quickly, I already gave it back to Marsha.  Go ahead, give this crumb block thing a try!  I sorted the scraps into mostly red, white and blues.  

Today, I'm making Christmas Trees, ala Jordon Fabrics, on YouTube.  To make use of a nice clean, tidy area, I put up a big table in my family room --  now I can mess up that space quite well!  Hope I get some Holiday items finished soon.  

Happy Holidays everyone!