Wednesday, December 25, 2019

Dear Santa: Please give me more time ...

Today I finished with rearrangement of my Cat's Cradle blocks.  I did this because I don't have a design wall and several times I had to pick up the blocks, then lay them down again, then pick up, etc.  Finally decided I liked this setting better.  Note what happens at upper right corner - on purpose but kinda interesting as well.  It's the same unit, just rearranged.  They still need some re-arrangement for balance.  And I have to admit, the special ruler is responsible for perfectly sized units.  I have a LOT of units left over but I'm trying to avoid a queen sized quilt!  We'll see how that ends up.  These finish at 9.5 in.

Monday, December 16, 2019

Playing with Cats Cradle Ruler

(Edited 2 days later to correct info regarding 2 different sizes of rulers.)
I needed "something" to play with, and bought the Cats Cradle Ruler, the smaller size.    Previous to using this ruler, my Cats Cradle blocks went together slowly and perfectly fine, but yes, the ruler speeds up production and guarantees accuracy.   The finished size units go up to 4 inches.  (There is another ruler for larger size blocks and it's also a different shape - it's triangular. ) The cut sizes needed on my square ruler are printed right on the ruler, and it also came with a printed set of paper instructions - you don't need a book but it's nice to have.  This block finished with sashings was made with units that finished 3 inches.  hmmmm looking like a lot of work for small unit sizes.

Cutting and sewing one unit at a time is ridiculously time consuming and after making 2-3 units, one at a time, it was apparent I needed to come up with strip piecing and cutting.  Notice below, the finished 3 inch, and the larger 4 inch which I decided would go a little faster.
I seldom use a book for instructions but DO love the graphics and finished quilts in books.  This particular book includes instructions for this smaller Cats Cradle ruler.   I usually glance at the photos and then take off on my own, never studying the instructions.   Be sure you recognize that the other ruler designed for larger blocks (triangular) probably requires a different book if you are following instructions.   One other thing, this Cat's Cradle block used to be called something else to our Moms and Grandmas, possibly Shaded something or other.
This is the book I bought and have started on a quilt inspired by the cover photo.  I'm using scraps, in  multiples of 4 at a time, with some effort towards balance, mostly in red, white and blues.
I wish all of you Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.