Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Making Every Day Count

I'm still here, back home in Nebraska, after a 2500 mile road trip. Yes, I LOVE to drive.  Part of my trip was to meet up with my High School GF who lives south of Chicago.  After we arrived back in my home in western Nebraska and recuperated a day, we drove north thru Wyoming to visit Devils Tower near Hulett, WY.  She had never seen "Close Encounters of the Third Kind", so I checked out that film from our local library and gave her a lead in for the Tower, with that space ship scene!  Our drive north was spectacular, the stunning fall day was exceptional and the Tower was phenomenal.  If you have never visited this site, you MUST put it on your bucket list.  This is just one of many photos taken on my jaunt. We were respectful of Native American culture and left our own prayer strips. 

By the way, the Lickity Split Quilt Shop, in Lusk, Wyoming, is another spectacular stop, definitely surprising to see the large shop in this small town.  I exercised great restraint, but caved at the Fat Quarter rack!  

My" ticker" cooperated, after some adjustment to medication - I'm getting used to new health routines and glad to be out and about, "Making Every Day Count" as my Robert always encouraged.

Due to traveling, and a new roof installed, visiting and hostessing,  my quilting has slowed down.  I'm attending a Retreat soon - perhaps I'll get some sewing DONE.