Saturday, February 23, 2008

Spring and fall

Yesterday was a beautiful day – much of our snow was GONE, although patches still existed -- I couldn’t wait to come home and WALK OUTSIDE in the sunshine!

Although I had to BEG, DH joined me, but argued about it’s benefit. My solution to winter blahs and any ailment, is that sunshine, exercise and looking at our big blue sky has restorative and recuperative properties -- he reluctantly found a hat and jacket and joined me, grumbling.

We have sidewalks most of the way, although snow and ice and puddles still existed.

All went well until he saw a former co-worker driving down the street. As DH spontaneously stepped into the street to hail and wave, SOMETHING went wrong, and splat! Uhhhh, wha happened? There was leftover ice on the roadside. Did he slip on that? Of course, he was totally embarrassed, and popped up in a moment with my immediate assistance. Meanwhile his friend had stopped his vehicle and backed up to be of assistance, and MORE street traffic stopped – an embarrassment to anyone, but this was a former co-worker! Arghhh – the story will get back to his old office about “poor ole guy – see what happens when the boss man retires”! A devastating event for the macho ego, and he’s insisting “I’m not going to admit any damage in front of anyone, by gosh – I’m just fine!”

Checking to see what had caused the problem, snow? Ice? What??? I looked at DH, and in addition to being very muddy, his backside, back, knee, leg, and arm and shoulder for gosh sakes were generously smeared with chunks of ...DOGGIE DOOOOO .. ARGHHHH, yes, that’s what caused him to slip, and, since I helped him up, I also have it on me (no gloves) -- I’ve stepped in it, brushed off his backside, back, leg, arm, and my hands were covered before I realized is was NOT mud! Frankly, we STINK like SXXX!!!

OK, trying to gain composure, clearly stating he is perfectly OK, we trudge home, smelling quite terrible, trying to make light of the situation, but we are both thinking of complaining to …the dog? , hollering at … the city? Who can we blame for this misadventure?

Arriving home requires carefull peeling off our stinking clothing outside on the deck, shaking the clods of Sxxx off of his jacket, jeans, and both our shoes, hoping our neighbors don’t complain about these 2 senior citizens stripping in plain sight! Hole in his jeans, bloody knee and hands, in addition to embarrassment, and mortification, and, even his WALLET (worn in back jeans pocket) is full of SXXX! That was just tooooo much!

Today, I'm hearing a lot of groans and moans from DH. We are waiting for the telephone calls and guffaws, and jests. I think he's in one piece. My poor baby.

Today is another warm spring-like day - A walk would be nice.


Nellie's Needles said...

sheeeeeeeeet ... glad you survived that mess of a slip up. What a way to spoil a beautiful day.

Lynne in Hawaii said...

I'm glad your DH is OK even if a little sore. Your last line is a hoot! Laughing makes you live longer! Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Wow, what an adventure!! LOL Walking is a great solution to the winter blahs, something I do a lot of and yes, the girls go with me. They can hardly wait to go and since they have so much fun it makes it more fun for me.

Glad to hear DH is OK. Maybe the phone calls will never come. :-)

Nettie said...

You poor babies, both of you. Your last line made me laugh. HOpe you get to get out and enjoy the weather.

Owens Family Adventures said...

Oh my goodness!!! heeheeheeheeheehee!! Poor guy!

Evelyn aka Starfishy said...

Wow, it really must be warming up if that doggie doo wasn't frozen. We got more snow yesterday and spent several hours outside playing on the snow mountain. Glad to hear that your DH wasn't too banged up. There have been several bad falls on the ice in my community this winter, ouch.



Carol E. said...

If you haven't been tagged yet, now you have. Check it out at my blog.

Gypsy Quilter said...

I'm just glad you both are okay. You would not believe the number of folks who walk out on their front porch to pick up the newspaper, slip on a bit of ice, and end up having major surgery. Hope you both recover quickly.

meggie said...

You have my sympathies. Why does fate do things like this to us!!
Just when you talked him into some 'fresh' air!

Kim said...

I'm sorry, you poor kids! You know what they say about Sxxx happening, but this is truly a disgusting thing to experience. We live in a rural area, nobody cleans up after their dogs, we have a lot of dog/walkers along Stillmeadow which means a lot of poop all along the road sides...makes me wish for enough snow for the plow to come along and push it all further into the ditch.

May be best to stay home until things dry up and the street cleaner makes a few passes. Your poor husband!!

Josephine Roelandt said...

Hi! Yesterday i was surfing from weblog to weblog and ended on yours. The way you described the slide was just hilarious, i immediately have put your weblog in my list of favorites on my log, hope that's okay with you? I am also a quilter, i live in the Netherlands, Europe.
greetings from Holland!!

The Calico Quilter said...

You poor things! Everyone OK? Thanks for the laugh - really needed it today! I did one of those spectacular flat on your back falls on ice once in college, books and papers flew for half a block, and all I could think was "Who saw me???" I guess complete mortifying embarrasment is ageless.

Morah said...

Ok, as long as I know that he is okay, nothing broken, nothing hurt other than ego.....Bwwaaahahhah!!! Your telling of the story had me in stitches! OMG this is exactly something that would happen us! I hope that the embarrassment of it all has worn off and the jokes between the two of you have begun! It was the stripping outside part that really got me!!!!Perhaps a treadmill...on the patio????

Tanya said...

Oh dear! I'm glad you are making the rest of us laugh! I hope you hubby can see the humor too!

Lindi said...

I usually find the humour in every embarrasing situation, but I don't think I'd ever laugh about that, if it happened to me!
Stripping off on the patio is amusing, just not the reason.
Hopefully karma catches up with the dog owner.
Sympathies to your DH.

Marcie said...

You are too funny! Poor hubby--bad enough to fall, but you two really hit the jackpot! I am also laughing at your grandmother's crochet thread story. What a character. Easy to see where you get it!