Saturday, June 29, 2024

Is this the end of my blog posts?

 Perhaps someone can offer suggestions ... 

My camera has reached the end of life - purchased in 1998 solely to support Blog posts and my quilting projects, plus personal photos,  it was a wonderful Kodak with video capabilities, but  now, no longer fixable,  and even its irritating quirks won't cooperate.  I've used  for Blog posts since I first started a blog about 25 years ago.   Today I am unable to get my Blog post or photos uploaded, the little disc is unreadable, camera keeps turning on and off, battery is charged but ..... so on, so on, etc.   Totally undependable any longer.  Are old fashioned cameras still available?   I'm still quilting and have  expanded my quilting life with occasional Trunk Shows and displays, and my Blog Posts have proven a valuable tool for interested attendees.

 I DO have a cell phone, which I keep for "emergencies".   I've used it for ONE emergency only.  8-)))    I learned how to make calls and take a few pictures, but I only force myself to keep it, barely understanding it's capabilities.  The cell phone usually remains "OFF" at the bottom of my purse and only keep it so friends and family won't worry about me, living alone. 8-)))  One of you bloggers suggested I switch over to my cell phone for photos, but I don't know how to start that learning process.  

I prefer to keep up my blog post, even occasional posts are better than none,.   I jes'  don't know where to start.  If I find a camera,  will it interface with the computer friendly gallery niceties?  I sure have a lot of photos now all lined up in a clever program that I think is some app, somewhere within my computer.  I don't even know the questions to ask?  My cell is plain-jane variety - do I need a higher grade cell phone?  

Any suggestions would help me clarify what I should think about.  I am not familiar with Facebook.   Perhaps a stop at Walmart Camera Dept. would help, if they even have cameras any more.  I am so far behind "the times."  

Tuesday, June 11, 2024

Trouble corrected. How many triangles can you count?

Yesterday, Blogger was misbehaving and I lost all patience - was ready to throw this computer out the window and give up on Blogging pleasures.  My Kodak camera is also near the end of it's life and I'm afraid to change to another unknown camera device.  The "gallery" where my camera downloads to the computer was unattainable - something about "apps" .  I grumbled, left unkind messages, struggled to find HELP, but gave up, emotionally exhausted and disheartened.  However, this morning, voila --apparently something was getting changed.  Ugh.

Here is my latest quilt.  Most fabric was new although bits and pieces.  Triangles are 6 inch Peaky/Spike.  I only purchased the outer blue denim-looking border, plus 6 yds for a backing.  Binding includes a faux flange. Quilting is allover meandering, with circles here and there to break up the sameness, and some echoing for long unfussy areas.   I did a little ruler work in the borders.  It's in the car,  ready to deliver to an adult g'son.   It's about 78" x 90".  This  project counts against my Guild PhD planned completions.  (Projects Half Done).   This was assembled in rows across, unexpectedly simple.