Sunday, March 23, 2008

Have you ever seen a quilt hoop like this?

I won this clever little quilt frame years ago, and at the time, I planned to give it good use. However, after several years of seeing it standing unused in the corner, I realize that my personal hand-quilting style is sitting on the couch, feet up, holding a round hoop in my lap.

So, trying to declutter, I want to advertise it in my Quilt Guild newsletter, but have no idea as to its value. There are no names, or identifying marks on it. It's quite ingenious, with 3 different places for adjustments, plus the hooped item can be rotated without removing it from the hoop - very clever. The hoop is 17 inches across and is not heavy duty, but perfectly adequate for less than a full size quilt. The base and frame are quite sturdy and the wood is smooth. It can be easily de-assembled.

Even a non-hand-quilter might like it as room decor -- it would be cute as anything, with a quilt in the hoop, wouldn't it?

Anyone have ideas of suggestions as to value? I plan to ask for FQs as payment. How many FQs is it worth?


Owens Family Adventures said...

It looks a lot like the one I bought at Michaels for around $25. Maybe look at and see if it's the same one.
Hoped I helped a bit!!

Su Bee said...

At least 30 FQs - it is a really cool frame and it seems like I've seen them cost much more. I'm with you tho - curled up with a hoop sitting on the couch. Or outside in an adirondack chair!

Terry@quilt-nut said...

It is a Quilter's Wonder frame made by F.A. Edmunds & Co. Hobby Lobby sells them for about $80. I have one and love it. I need a stand to hold my hoop when I hand quilt. I just can't seem to quilt without it. Good Luck! At $2.50 a fat quarter that is 32 of them to add up to $80. Terry

sMC said...

my favourite hand quilting position too.

Kim said...

Check out Hinterberg quilting frames. Your quilt turned out beautifully!

Anonymous said...
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