Sunday, March 02, 2008

I've been tagged, and a CHALLENGE

Carol of Giraffe Dreams has done me the honor of tagging me. I'm not sure there is much of interest (to me, anyway) but I'll play, partially. I say partially, because I HATE to ask people to do things for me -- is that weird?

But before I do this, I want to CHALLENGE a LOT of you out there. Many of you have NEVER shown your faces on your blogs, and for me, it's hard to 'connect' without a photo. I'm going to show you ME, now YOU show me YOU! This was before attending a recent "Western Theme" event. Note the barbed wire wall hanging! Now THAT's weird!

But thank you Carole, for thinking of me. I'm in good company because you also tagged several others.

Let's see ... 7 weird things

1. I was born in a big city for had the very good fortune to grow up on a farm, NEAR the city. That's not weird, that's just darned lucky. Not a day goes by that I don't appreciate my good fortune.

(My DH should be saying what's weird about me ...)

2. When I was 16, and other girls were getting cars for their 16th birthday, my Dad gave me an International Harvester Manure Spreader! AND, I tell you, I was HAPPY!!! (Hey, I had a bunch of horses to care for!)

3. If you tell me I HAVE to do something, I won't do it. I even warn people ahead of time, 'please don't tell me what I HAVE to do!

4. I worked for many years in the Radioactive Waste Industry.

5 I take power naps -- yep, 5-10 minutes, or even less, and I'm ready to go again!

6. When I was 53, I rappelled down a mountain.

7. Monday is my favorite day of the week. I've always LOVED going to work! DH says THAT IS WEIRD!)


Morah said...

OMG! I was going to tag you but thought you'd already been tagged!!! I'm disappointed I didn'
t! Love the western picture! I too take power naps. I'd like to sleep longer but I guess thats all I need!!! Have a good Monday tomorrow!

Su Bee said...

OK Elaine -- I kept saying "that's not weird" until I got to the last one -- now, THAT'S weird!!!!

Nettie said...

OK, i think all of these except #1 are pretty darn weird! :-) but in a good way. Can completely understand loving growing up on a farm, even tho i'm a small college town girl myself.

Nettie said...

Oh, and I just finally put a picture of me up on my blog over the weekend, but i think you see it here. Love the photo of you in your cowgirl duds.

The Calico Cat said...

I've always LOVED going to work! DH says THAT IS WEIRD!)

I agree, that is weird!

Owens Family Adventures said...

oh my goodness,,how cute are you!!!!!!!!!! Love the outfit!!!

The Calico Quilter said...

Well, you can see the top half of my face, at least, on my blog for 1-25-08. As for the rest of me - well, you aren't missing much! I let my cat be my alter ego - she's prettier.

Lisa Boyer said...

Loved to see the picture of you--that was fun! You are a cutie in your western gear!

Oh...we have similar syndromes--I wonder if they go together! I hate someone telling me I have to do something (so I hate deadlines) AND I hate asking people to do things for me. Hate it. I think those things must related somehow, but I'm not sure how. It's the self-reliance thing, I guess.

I loved reading your list...and you ARE interesting...and did I mention cute, too??

Su Bee said...

Jeepers, your arm is gonna be sore because you're tagged again! Something easier this time, check out my last post...... and I'll think about showing my face, hee hee.

meggie said...

I never knew anyone who loved Mondays, before!! I used to rather dread them, but now, I dont mind them at all!
Very interesting!

Marilyn said...

I hate being told I "have" to do something, too. I think your liking to go to work is a good thing if that is what you do. I do intend to post a picture of me on my blog. Soon. Thanks for your post.

Sweet P said...

I have my photo on my blog, but I should update it. Like several others I have being told I "have" to do something, especially when there's a deadline. I think it has something to do with being a process-oriented person rather than a results person. Sometimes I hate for a project to end.

I don't mind Mondays in the fall because I like Monday Night Football!

atet said...

Now, does the fact that I don't think a barbed wire display is strange make me weird? (I live in one of the towns where barbed wire was invented -- yes, there are several that make the claim -- but, um, I've seen more than my share of these)

As for a photo of myself on my blog -- um, there is one there. It's not RECENT, but it's there -- and, well, I think I posted one last October, does that count?

Pam said...

The picture is great. I love the western wear. I was raised in southern Arizona, and that is how we dressed all the time. I love it!

Deb H said...

Ok, the wierdest thing is the last. You liked Mondays?

Oh well, your not so wierd at all.

You asked me about the large number of pictures on my post. I found that if I switched to the plain white template, I could post as many as 30 pictures in one post.I started looking at posts with losts of photos, & that seemed to be the common thread. Plain template.

Anonymous said...

Elaine! Thanks for sharing the pictures and 7 weird things about yourself. I love your blog and I didn't "have" to say that. I mean it! LOL