Monday, April 08, 2013

More of Jamestown Landing (my way) Progrss

Here is today's effort of making blocks into rows of Jamestown Landing My Way.  Thanks Bonnie Hunter of for this lovely design!  My version replaces the string units with the large blue and white HSTs.  As is frequently the case, some of the fabrics I used looked kinda "wrong" and weren't "matching".  As is frequently the case, it is THOSE odd fabrics that give it life.  

Here is a close up of "odd" fabrics that add to the quilt's personality.  My goal is to do just one row of blocks a day - sometimes when pushing myself, it gets overwhelming and I lose enthusiasm.

ISP issues

Oh great, I lost computer/phone power again - we have been struggling with our ISP over 2 months.  Today, phones/Internet has been ON and OFF at least 8-10 times.  However, finally the TVs work OK, after numerous calls, techs, and even re-wiring all the cables, yet the problem continued - bad or no TV reception.  They even replaced the buried cable, the "hub" on the pole in the alley, resulting in no improvements for TV.  Finally, I called another person, who "goosed" power outlet somewhere and that seems to solve the TV issues -- I am saying that today, tomorrow might be different.  The TV issues were the original problem.  However, we realize now, that the phones are out and we've noticed we're not receiving any calls - unlike normal traffic.  The Internet connection is also out much of the time, which I attributed (wrongly) to an old computer.  We realize now that it is the ISP and connections, not us.  We've been keeping a log for 2 weeks of issues and sporadic problems - I want to holler to someone, 'THAT'S NOT MY JOB!" to keep these logs!!!.  Yet another tech (is this 5 or 6 or 7?) comes Monday -- he said he'd call first - I had to remind him THE DANGED PHONES WON'T WORK - THAT'S WHY YOU ARE COMING!!!!    When I started this post, I HAD a connection.  5 minutes later, NADA.  If he does not get me fixed Monday, I am going to mention the name of the company - this is getting ridiculous.

(OK, I feel a little less frustrated!)

Yep, power is back on!


Tara Lynn Darr said...

This quilt is looking awesome! I love it!

Janet O. said...

I love what you are creating with your Jamestown blocks. I don't do string blocks, but have usually replaced them with stripes. I like your plan.
Oh, what a frustrating problem with your power/phone.

Bonnie said...

Great Jamestown quilt. It is much more doable with the half square triangles. It looks lovely. Hope you get your connectivity issues resolved. I rely on my Internet a LOT and would be pulling my hair out. Except, honestly, I'd probably get more done!

Nann said...

I like the substitution very much!
Hope you can stay enLIGHTened and emPOWERed!

Lori said...

the quilt is coming along very nicely--I didn't even notice any fabrics that were a bit "off".

The internet connection would drive me crazy. The tv--well--I could live without the TV! I understand your frustration.

Cyn said...

Love your blocks. Quilt is looking super.
So sorry to hear about your ISP problems. Fingers crossed it all works out and soon!

Kathie said...

looks great!
I love this quilt too!

Purple Pam said...

The progress on your Jamestown blocks is looking good. Truthfully, I cannot see any fabrics that do not match. Since I love scrap quilts with many fabrics, I think all your fabrics play well with each other.