Sunday, February 23, 2014

Split 9-Patch, and Windows 8.1 progress

Above is a version of brilliant border that a new quilting friend suggested.  Thank you Kathy G.!! Kathy is recently retired, a new member of our Guild and also visits our local sewing group - this gal has clever ideas!!

My chevrons are running vertically on this quilt and somehow, the quilt needed a way for the chevrons, or HSTs to END.  I will do the bottom the same way, but might put the treatment on the LIGHTS to see how that looks.  This was time consuming and DEMANDING, as I had used up all my little pieces, and had to make MORE strips, sewing together, cutting diagonally, resewing, etc.  

Here's how the quilt looks - it's not huge, just looks that way.  I'm working on bottom border today - remember this view is horizontal, but in reality, it runs vertically.

On the new Laptop front, and Windows 8.1, my frustration has diminished, as 8.1 is soooooo much easier than regular Windows 8.  Thank you for consolation from some of you, encouragement from a few others, and enlightenment from a few MORE others!!!

We opted for a large screen HP laptop, and since we seldom go anywhere and wouldn't expect to take this laptop, the large screen laptop is working for us.  It's a big large and clunky moving from room to room, but DH and I are also kinda large and clunky, so this laptop size is a good match.

Onward to playing with those little Split 9-patches!!!


Bonnie said...

Hum, interesting "stripes". Or however we should term them. I ok forward to see how you handle the borders.... I do like the shaded 9 patch a lot. I've got more half square triangles left and squares cut the same size -- what I've used on my shaded 9 patch quilt. It's on my long arm now but I'm ripping out the first little bit of quilting as I made a mistake lining up the border panto. Ugh. Keep us up on this quilt.

LC said...

Nice quilt, Elaine. I just set up my new PC, up-graded from Windows 8 to 8.1 and am playing with getting it the way I want it. A guy in Staples showed me how to get it back to the "Start" menu as the older versions, but I can't remember what he did! Agghh. But I'll persist. At least my old PC is still working and set up, so I can keep working on it until my comfort level rises!

Vivian said...

As always Elaine, a great quilt in the making! The S9P is on my "To Do" list but since that grows longer by the week, I don't know when I'll get to make one.

I bought a new laptop over a month ago. It had Win 8 loaded and my son told me about the 8.1 upgrade which I've done. But I haven't been able to get my old laptop which holds ALL my quilting files and runs on Win-Vista to talk to the new one and exchange files even though I bought one of those Win8 transfer cables!

I have learned a lot about Win8 and 8.1 from online video reviews (even the ones that criticize it). Hopefully I'll get my two machines to talk before the old one implodes!

Lynn said...

This looks great!

Lynn said...

This looks great!

Purple Pam said...

Glad you found some relief from your Windows 8 problems. I was thinking about getting a laptop, but decided not now after reading about your problems. Happy that 8.1 is more user friendly. I like the way your quilt is progressing.

Michelle said...

Elaine...thanks for the tip on my 16 patch quilt. I was wondering about which way they should go, but there wasn't sure I saw any rhyme or reason in the pattern picture. I couldn't reply to your comment as it's from "R & E" and was a no reply address. Anyway...thanks!

Elaine Adair said...

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