Monday, November 11, 2019

Humility Quilting

Pretty cute fabrics, right?  I decided to make a favorite pattern for a young girl, a Kaleidoscope.  Easy, peasy, except ... I had forgotten the rules, suggestions of values, and just zoned in on these cute fabrics ... Normally, the circles that should appear when values are correctly chosen, and the circles appear automatically.  hmmmm, not this time.

No circles?  "No problem, the fabrics will carry it thru" was what I heard me saying to myself.. 

Then, during the night, SOMEONE !!! moved some of these rows around, and now I have similar fabrics together.  Perhaps it was one of the garden gnomes that I move into the house when cold weather arrives?  Ya think??? 
Only AFTER it  was basted was when I noticed rows in the wrong places.  I was having difficulty  seeing the "plan" and discovered one of the pale yellows was also in the wrong configuration.  Ya think I'm going to redo it all???  NOT!!!  So, in my wise decision-making process,  I decided to do ruler work in those wedges to accentuate the invisible circles, only to discover that was another WRONG decision.  It was impossible to decide which line I was on because of the maze of colors wadded up under the needle.  So, in a fit of anger distress,  out  came my seam ripper, and  I removed that ruler-work-stitching, one stitch at a time. 

 I have made over 200 quilts and have never run into this example of  repeated poor planning.  And I've even made 3 or 4 Kaleidoscope Quilts before, each one perfectly wonderful.  Apparently my brain stopped working. 
Quilting on the blocks was innies and outies, waaaay more quilting that is needed - another wrong choice. Apparently, this was my lesson on remembering to be HUMBLE.  But it's still pretty, and bright, and as long as the recipient is not a child of a quilter, it will make a perfectly nice PINK quilt.  The blocks are about 7 in.  The fabrics are still very pretty. 

Sunday, October 27, 2019


Crud - in an effort to delete spam comments from a middle East country, I hit a wrong button and deleted all the comments on that page - probably back 3 months.  I appreciate all the real comments so please don't think this was a planned error.  8-((  As far as I know, there was no "undo". 

I checked the origin of the spam, and tried to translate it only to read something about air conditioning repairs.  Who knew? 

Wednesday, October 16, 2019

"I Spy" Quilt for kids, Thanks Joan!

Joan, I'm using your novelty fabrics!  So cute

I quilted this in big swoopy swirls - nothing fussy.  I put 2 straight lines of quilting in the border.   

(Notice, our lawn is still GREEN!)

This backing is some of the fabric given to me, hoping I'd use it in a kid's donation quilt.

Saturday, October 12, 2019

Stringy, Pinky Quilt, QAYG

QAYG technique, not bound yet.  About 48" x 64".  The strips are various sizes, deliberately unplanned in order.

 Back pieces are scrappy as well.  I filled in with 5 blue squares. 
 Close up of fabrics. 
I used sashing strips of 1 7/8 in, folded, for the front, and 7/8 in. for the back.  My white back stitches all fall on the outside of the white strips, but blend in with the busy back fabrics.  These measurements fit well with my quarter inch foot.  Most of leftover batting was used up as well as a lot of pink scraps.  However, there is still an enormous box of pinks left for the next project.  This was started about 10 days ago.

Friday, September 27, 2019

"I Spy" quilt, thank you Joan

Blogger, Joan, said she wanted to reduce her too-large stash of novelties and offered them to me.  I guess you can surmise my answer.  This is one just completed,  about 46 x 48 inches.  Wow, there are so many different fabrics/squares, many were already cut at 2.5 in., and now sewn together, most of them are situated in the same direction.  I added the white for breathing space.  This will be a donation for Hugs and Stitches, sponsored by our LQS.

There has been little machine quilting at my home and I feared I'd lost my touch,  but as soon as I sat down and got moving, this big swirly design designed itself and was finished in about an hour.  (I MQ on my DSM.)

Friday, September 20, 2019

Row x Row, kid's quilt

After receiving a box of scrap novelty fabrics, (yes, another!) I made this little Row x Row kids quilt.  The rows were just plain fun to make up, but organizing them in a visually pleasing order was a whole 'nuther thing!  And they didn't end up the way I had planned, nor in the "right" way,  but ... some child will love it.  Those are cats in the dark row, and birds in the 2 wide light rows.    In the center are little 2 inch, fussy cut cat squares.  (BTW, 2 in. is toooo small - don't go there.)

After eternally messing about with an almost-cohesively laid out order, I will give a LOT more credit to those designers who make BEAUTIFUL, balanced,  Row x Row quilts. 

Here is the back, also gifted fabric, all printed with holiday and season-type motifs, even a quilt block - CUTE!  This will be donated to Hugs and Stitches Quilts, sponsored by my LQS.