Sunday, April 24, 2016

Chadron Quilt Show

I took photos of my favorites - Below is my friend Carol, with her stunning Pineapple Quilt.  She won 2nd place in her category.  It's in batiks, -- and absolutely beautiful.  Of particular interest is the border which was made of "O" pineapple blocks that originally, were to be included in the center of the quilt.  Carol decided to cut them in quarters and make a border of them.  We are all amazed at how the border turned out!  It undulates around the quilt perfectly, even at the corners! 

This belongs to Lari, another friend - the stars are so warm and cozy, made even better by Carol's (above) quilting.  This is another addition to my stack of future quilts I want to make. 

 The theme of the show was "Diamonds are a Girls Best Friend."  This was a scrap quilt that was unusual -- I LOVED it's unusualness!  Wonderful use of her scraps, and made differently than I've made.

Here's a close-up of the simple block. 

Here is another similar scrappy string quilt  - I LOVE it as well!  The background on this one is pale blue.  It may have been made by the same person - not sure. 

I brought 2 quilts, neither of which deserved attention, but I wanted to add them to the mix.  We never know when a quilt will inspire the next person.  
This was a lovely 3-day show - with demos, Trunk Show, and Vendors.  Chadron is a small college town in the Nebraska Panhandle- they always have a very nice show. 

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

I just love looking at it!

This is "My Log Cabin in the Forest" .... reminding me of when I lived near Smoky Mountains, and rode my bike thru Cades Cove, loving the trees, hills, vines and leaves, and enjoying views of old cabins, some with falling down fences around them, foliage climbing up and thru the rails.  Do you see the "fence" around the log cabin buildings? 

I was airing it out before taking it to a Quilt Show, and remembered how much I LOVE looking at it over the deck rail.  This quilt is square, about 86" x 86". 

Thursday, April 07, 2016

"Bank One - 3700" DONE, a split 9-patch


Finally done - I started this in November 2015, and it kept growing.  I said I wanted to use purple and orange, knowing the combination was unusual, but I knew it would work.  There are slightly less that 3700 pieces, but it was not difficult construction, as the entire process was streamlined.  And because the pieces are small, I could blend many scraps.  "Bank One" was embroidered on a lovely blue shirt given to me - see all the beautiful glowing blue color?  -- that shirt fabric was too good to discard. 

My husband looked and looked at the finished quilt and then HORROR came over his face when he realized there are some "odd" layouts to this quilt.   He said I messed up!!!   I laughed because that is exactly what I had planned.  At first it looks like an ordinary layout, but I wanted to "trick" the viewer exactly the way I tricked DH! 
 I did straight line walking foot MQ'ing in the darks and swirly motifs in the lights.  The border is pieced, and MQ'ed with "innies and outies" all around.  It's 304 blocks, 68" x 79" , and I put that info on the label. 

Thanks Jackie Robinson for her DVD and engineering plan! 

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Bento Box

(MUCH prettier in person!  Light turquoise, dark blue/black!)  Blahhh beige on Design Floor!  LOL

Easy to piece!  I'm aiming for 30, 12 inch blocks, altho I only have these fabrics for 20 blocks - oh well, I'll think of something.  Thank you to Fons and Porter and YouTube for this great video. 

For info ... Youtube, Fons and Porter, Bento Box.  Their example used many colors, but all of similar values.  You use whole strips (WOF), and all pieces for each block are cut from each pair of strips.  So you would use 30 pairs of strips for 30 blocks.  These are 2 1/2 in. strips, but I think other sizes would work.  I'm not sure if a scrappy palette would work.  ??  The video gives you sizes to cut.

This is what I did (suggest).  Make the block in quarters.  I made one quarter at a time - could not do much chain piecing - I got mixed up, sidetracked, interrupted and ended up pressing wrong way.  I think my mind wandered because it's so easy.  (That's my story and I'm stickin' to it!) Pressing is THE key to success.  Note that each quarter block is mostly light or mostly dark.  If the quarter block is light, press ALL seams IN.  If the quarter block is dark, Press ALL seams OUT!   (Do not consider the old adage of "press to dark"! )   It goes together like a breeze. 

Saturday, March 12, 2016

Chimneys and Cornerstones, Clean Drawers,

Yes, this starts as Chimneys and Cornerstones -- the dark blue are the cornerstones.  This was a fun quilt, fast and easy.  16 blocks, makes about 58" x 58".  Dh and I saw something like this and worked many hours, with protractor, angles, existing templates and rulers to try and figure it out.  No luck.  Thanks to YouTube and Eleanor Burns, she has a ruler! 
I just happened to have all the fabric I needed, in my stash.  8-))  

 White was quilted in swirls, lightest blue in circles (cobblestones), going around 2 times, dark blue in question mark thingies, darkest floral in a paisley.  Cornerstones were left unquilted.

Above, circles in the dark blue border, and big floppy hearts in widest border.  (It IS square.)
Next ... Early March ... amazing!

Below -- Time to get control of the stash again!  

I have more stash in other places, but at least THIS PLACE is tidy.  8-)))  

Monday, March 07, 2016

Secret to "What the Heck"

This is where I "found" the secret design instructions to my previous 2 posts.  The first time I saw it, was on a QOV site, where someone had made one to donate, but had no description. 

Go to You Tube, Eleanor Burns (Quilt in a Day)  Chimneys and Cornerstones, the one that is over one hour long.  Go to about the middle of the video and watch from there.  Of course there is a ruler, and pattern.  The ruler comes with a simpler pattern, but I ordered an extra pattern.  It's called "wonky" something or other.   The ruler is big - needs to be as it has slits in it. 

Good luck!