Friday, September 19, 2008

What I did on my Vacation

Returning from an at-home vacation and a scenic drive through northern Colorado, I was so pleased to see this award given to me by Ruth at CountryLogCabin. Thank you, bunches. Now, one of the rules ... huh? RULES???? oh no, I'm dead!!! Everyone of the names in my side bar, as well as each of the bloggers who stop by my blog, or whose names are in my Bloglines (over 100) are also worthy of this award. Some days, each of you, have provided ME with some measure of inspiration, ideas, calm, wisdom, etc. I cannot possibly choose just a few!
When returning home, I resumed my Shirt Quilt, which called for a million flying geese. I am using the No Waste Flying Geese method, which calls for drawing lines but I decided the last step of 'drawing lines' could be eliminated by drawing the line ONCE on my machine bed, instead of on each of the many squares. I keep my eye on the corner of the square and that right line, drawn 1/4 inch from the center line. Saves me drawing on 100s of squares and the square is still sewn straight. Works for me, and the line eventually wears off.

I'm very pleased with this quilt, and have used all Mission Shirts as well as pieces left over from shirts I've made for my husband. He needs extra tall, and likes snaps on his shirts, so I've made most of his shirts. I especially like the randomness in the border. Again, thanks to Bonnie of for all her GREAT ideas! In my last post I mentioned her book was out -- well it's not quite out, it's 'almost' out, and not yet released. I'm already placed my order! Yeahhhh!

The lower photo (above) shows a closer view, where I've sewed on a shirt label -- it adds a lot to the character, and used several more in the project, including one that says "Handcrafted by Elaine Adair" ... you know, those labels we've ordered to put in our special gifts we made?

Our driving trip through Northern Colorado was lovely, fresh, beautiful! But we enountered a lot of rain and fog, which turned into 3-5 ft. of snow, making our planned drive to Estes Park impassable! Uhhhh, we flatlanders forgot about that!

The damage caused by the Pine Bark Beetle is devastating, destroying millions of acres of Pine Forests. Apparently, there is no reasonable solution, other than time.

You can figure why a quilter would love this rock formation photo. Looks like quilting lines to me!
We drove what is called the "Poudre Cache" route, starting from Ft. Collins, going west to Walden, around down to Granby, then hopefully through Rocky Mountain National Part to Estes Park (where we couldn't get to, due to snowfall). The last photo is just one I liked, especially the reflection in the mirror. This was going to Waldron, CO, a high plateau with many fields of hay, cattle, and FLAT.

After this vacation, I believe I've reached a new 'plateau' in my own life. The one where one must admit, "it's REALLY nice to sleep in one's own bed!"


Joyce said...

What a fun vacation, but it is really nice to get home.

paula, the quilter said...

Glad you got to see my neck of the woods. The Pine Beetle infestation is devastating. People are doing what they can, but it is not enough. Some of the slopes that are totally dead are unreachable and can't even be logged. Sad to say, but wild fires are a definite possibility in the near future. The look of the mountains is changing.

StitchinByTheLake said...

Estes Park is our favorite place to vacation. Can't believe there's that much snow already! blessings, marlene

sMC said...

watch out she's back folks!!! terrific way to use up shirtings.
naughty Elaine now I have another to do project, will it ever end.
The countryside is fabulous, snow ? it hailed here yesterday and I thought that was bad.
sheila heading into summer.

Sharon said...

Thanks for sharing your vacation photos! Colorado is one of my all-time-favorite places on Earth. I hadn't heard anything about that beetle infestation - yikes! That sounds terrible!
I just love your "shirt" quilt. I love plaids like that, and you've done a marvelous job! Do you need my address??

Lindah said...

I really like your quilt! The shirtings and geese are perfect counterpoint for the T's. I appreciated your "make-do" that eliminates the marking of each square ---I just this minute finished putting blue tape on my machine and table for the same purpose. I had planned to get one of those angle thing-ys, but as I lay sleepless in bed last night, I thought why spend the $$ --use the tape. I slit it so I can still open the bobbin case.
Your vacation trip sounds so refreshing---but who would have expected that much snow already!

meggie said...

That quilt is looking soo good. I feel like rushing out to get a few shirts. Really I need to just knuckle under, & use some stash.
I love your blocks.

Purple Pam said...

Your shirt quilt is wonderful. I like the contrast you have created with the lights and darks. I like that method of sewing flying geese. I like the "no waste" idea. The photos are so inviting. It makes me want to take the drive, too.

The Calico Quilter said...

Love love love the shirt quilt! The plaids are so fresh and alive. I also love that you included the shirt label in that block. What a cute touch.

Glad that SOMEBODY is getting to take a vacation this year - it sure isn't me! Oh, well, I'll vacation vicariously through everyone's pictures.

Evelyn aka Starfishy said...

Vacations are always fun but it sure is nice to come home to your own bed - I agree 100%! My favorite mode of travel is in my RV - I get to vacation AND sleep in my own bed at the same time, LOL! Love you quilt - I used the no-waste flying geese method last winter and really liked it. Will try it again with your idea of marking the sewing machine bed, thanks! Glad to see you used that other block with the darks placed in a different position - I like that block!