Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Another Pineapple Version, Photo 2

Between getting groceries, working on P.T. at Wellness Center, helping DH after dental surgery today, pick up prescription,  I threw these additional blocks together.  27 done, need 63.  I'm really liking it!

(Note - no cooking, no dishes, no walks, no shower, no cleaning, etc.  Hey, this ole gal deserved to choose her vices! )

I already have ideas for the leftovers!  Oh dear - when will I have enuf? 


judyquilts said...

I am really enjoying your progress on these pineapple blocks. It is on my bucket list.

Mama Joan said...

Wow are these cute! Do they work up as fast as they seem to? It seems like everyone else's projects work up much faster than my own. Probably because I am working on 10 things at once.

Janet O. said...

So what you are saying here is that you are a typical quilter? *LOL*