Friday, May 27, 2016

Hot Point Washing Machine - RANT - Be Aware

If you have not purchased a new washing machine recently, you may be  unpleasantly surprised. 

First, I don't KNOW what a High Efficiency Washing Machine is so I will eliminate that from my conversation except to say that I am skeptical of all marketing ads.  I am presuming the lessons I learned are similar on those machines as well.    (Poor quality photo on white background)
Hotpoint 3.6 DOE cu. ft. Top Load Washer in White

In January, my old standard top-loading washing machine quit - it was all of 10 years old.   I live far out from major cities, so our choices are fewer, we have to eventually pay for the overall freight, but I did expect the Hotpoint top-loading machine, made by GE, would wash my clothes.  I don't want the latest and greatest, nor one with gizmos that break, I just wanted a machine to wash my clothing.  No, I did not ask many questions - the salesman doesn't know about washing clothes and the Instruction Booklet is inside a sealed packet.)  And, who would EVER think of asking such questions that I was about to learn?????)  Yes, I had to pay ... how much????   $560.00 and that is with $100.00 off?  It was one of the lower priced units, nothing fancy, but I presumed it would wash my clothing.

OK, installed, ready to go, reading the booklet and was surprised at the instructions speaking about "new method", "new technology" - "always a scarey term), "quieter",  uh oh.  I set it on WARM water, other dial on  Medium load.  I moved the cheap dial "load size" halfway between Heavy and Small but nothing would start until I turned it even past SMALL.   The dial is sloppy, no incremental clicks to it - Impossible to indicate where Medium is.    hmmmm to myself.  As I was leaning over putting in the clothes, the open lid fell down on my face/nose, knocking my glasses into the washer.  Yikes - that hurt!  Nope, no method to HOLD it open.  It "teeters" unsteadily.  I need to hold it open for safety with one hand while using the other hand to load.  Handy?    If it falls on my hand or fingers, there will be physical damage.  I can only imagine the damage to a child's hand!

Uh, the WARM water is really quite cold - hmmm, ????  OK, set it on HOT.  Uh oh, it's not HOT at all, kinda tepid -- not even warm enough for a shower!  TEPID.  Perhaps I need to reread the instructions?  Water from the neighboring laundry tub is plenty HOT and robust as it comes from the tap - same plumbing line.  Not HOT in the washer, and taking a very long time to fill as it kinda trickles in

OK, water level is set on Medium -- I have what I call a medium load, yet it started whirring when the water was barely visible above the clothes!  And yes it is whirring, not sloshing, definitely not agitating, barely any action, no clothing turnover at all - I'd have more movement of clothing by hand washing!!!  I added more water from the laundry tap, with a nearby bucket!  After re-re-reading the instructions, it is definitely set on the "highest" level of washing action.  I can only dread what the "gentle" or "permanent press" settings might be!  CRAP!  During this whirring action at one time it almost demonstrated a small bit of energy, for all of 9-11 actions.  Yes, I counted how many times it moved faster - I won't call it agitating.  Back and forth 9-11 times, but just sloshing, -- at NO time did it "agitate".  This is NOT good ladies.  I cannot believe it will clean any clothing at this rate.  Fortunately we are just 2 Senior Citizens, not much mud in our home, no babies, no kids, little gardening, no greasy clothing, so I cannot answer the question, "does the washer get things clean?"   Of further irritation is that for 20 years I have been using my own home-made washing soap, which saves me $120/yr over standard Tide, etc.  I'm not sure what do to about that subject either.

Investigation via YouTube turns up this info - I am not alone with my complaints!  "The "heat sensor, per EPA regulations,  keeps the "HOT" water at 94 degrees. "  Just try and take a shower with 94-degree water!  Waaaay too cold!  Additionally, this sensor limitation slows down the filling process, making the entire process much slower.  I presume this "sensor" is on ALL newer washing machines if it is an EPA reg.   There is some mumbo-jumbo advertising about "quieter" but yes, it's quieter because there is so little movement.  And since it takes longer to fill, it is NOT quieter during filling time. which is longer than expected.  I don't care about "quiet", I wanted clean clothing and I certainly expected hot water!  The dial says HOT!   The dial does not say "tepid"!

So --- EPA is telling us how to do our laundry.  I have sorta solved this problem by filling 6-8 buckets of hot water from the nearby tap and pouring it into the washer.  Handy, huh????  Will EPA be forcing the water heater companies how hot to allow the hot water heater? 

And the last irritation - there is NO buzzer to indicate the load is DONE.   I have never heard of a machine without a buzzer. 

My final comment is to young women who are just starting housekeeping and think this poor level of quality is the norm.  I am calling this washing machine "Pathetic".  Really, Hot Point, you can do better!!!

Some of my friends said "take it back" but frankly I am now embarrassed and I believe from what I read, they all work this way. 

I would welcome comments. 


Nann said...

What frustration! I was everything on cold and the short wash cycle. No problems. Ours washer is a GE that was in the house when we moved in in 2013. There is no "done" buzzer.....hope you can resolve your issues soon.

Ruth said...

I have a little 2nd hand knowledge about these "new and improved high efficiency" washers. My DIL got one a couple years and then our oldest son/DIL got one. They both hate them. My first DIL actually got rid of theirs, I don't remember how, but DS#1 still has his. We used it when we parked our 5th wheel in their driveway for 2 months while house hunting.

Those washers use a really small amount of water and as we all know, it's the water and agitation that actually cleans the clothes. When we moved, we kept our old washer/dryer that we bought in 2002, which still still works with agitation. My sister was still using the Matag that my Mom bought 30 years ago or so and she didn't want to get one of the new kind, so she hunted around and was able to find the normal kind at an appliance store going out of business. Hopefully, there will be enough complaints about those that they will quit making the "new and improved" ones.

Gypsy Quilter said...

Definitely take it back. There are better options. I bought my Bosch washer dryer 6 years ago. They are energy efficient and quiet. Several settings, more than I need really. I also got the warranty and glad I did. There was a small problem last year with the door not opening. If you can find a Lowe's or similar appliance dealer they should have a better selection. Also get a change of address card from the post office which should have a 10% off Lowe's coupon in the packet. Then wait for the machines to go on sale if you can. Perhaps this weekend. If that's not an option, perhaps there's a local person who refurbishes used machines. I had one of those once also, worked very well. Best of luck.

nestki said...

A few years ago, I bought what was then considered to be the "best" top loading high efficiency washing machine. It wasn't. (I don't think it was a GE.) If I had figured out right away that it didn't work, our local store where we bought it would have exchanged it, but it took about a year for me to believe it, and many clothes were ruined because there wasn't enough water to prevent the high efficiency powdered detergent from making white spots on them. My washing machine did not wash and it ruined clothes. I ended up eating the cost and buying a front loader (Kenmore) and I am very happy with it. My clothes don't wear out as they did with all the top loaders I have had, and they get clean. I can add a second rinse if I want, and I often want that. HE Washers have been getting better but you definitely got a dud as I did. It is okay to return it. You can tell them exactly what went wrong or you can just say "It didn't work out for us." It would be kinder to all the other consumers not to let Hotpoint get away with selling an inferior product. It is considerate of you to post your bad experience in case others are thinking of buying this machine. You will save them a lot of trouble. You have my thanks.

nestki said...

PS My husband thinks our bad washer was a GE. It was in 2009.

Vic in NH said...

Big Brother Government is always bad for the general public. I dragged my Husband Wonderful away from his fishing TV show to read your blog because I was so fuming mad FOR you. He had no idea that this was happening. Thank you for helping all of us to be more aware of the ubiquitous erosion of our quality of life due to constant interference by the GD EPA. I hope to live to see it dismantled completely.

grammilou said...

I bought a Kenmore front-loader in 2002. It cleans well, uses a tiny bit of detergent and has options, such as extra rinse cycle, permanent press cycle, delicates. It holds a lots of clothes and does a good job. I believe it's actually a Fridgidare. Sears buys other machines and puts their own label on them.

About a year ago it began leaking. I asked a repair man, a retired, old style handyman, to have a look. The two halves of the drum had begun to shake loose. He tightened the bolts holding the two sections together and that fixed it. He wanted just $20 for this home call. He was really old-fashioned!

So I've had a good experience with this washer. That handyman told me that the average life span of a new front-loader is estimated to be 7 years!

Ila said...

Oh, Elaine! How awful! And frustrating. I'm going to try and put a link in here with some advice

Please consider returning that machine! I have Bosch front loaders (mine are 12 years old) and I love them...and the water is HOT! I hope you can find a good solution.

Chantal said...

I can understand the embarrassment of returning the machine but is it worth 560.00$ ? NO! You are NOT a happy costumer and they should take it back on that point only. Just the lid is a danger for your safety. Like you said you are senior, brittle bones maybe, you don't want to risk a broken arm. I would so put that back in their face. I mean it is your money, get something worth your money! Change company. In Canada, we have Sears generic washer/dryer Kenmore for over 8 years now. I have 3 teenagers, (8 years ago,they were still pre-teens) and never had problems like that. Good luck. Sending prayers your way to give you courage and peace of mind. ;^)

Sherry said...

I have a Maytag Bravos and it does not agitate either.....but the water is plenty hot and my husbands work clothes get clean.

From what my understanding is....HE allows the machine to use less detergent and water.

My family has always had either Maytags or Whirlpools.........I do not have any experience with anything else.

Good luck with whatever you decide to do.

momto1 said...

I've never heard of anyone who had a high efficiency machine liking it. I have a Speed Queen that's maybe 2 years old. It's the best machine I've ever had. I don't know about EPA regs - maybe they truly can't make machines that give you hot water anymore, but then they should remove the "Hot" indicator from the dial. Send that puppy back. It's your money. No reason you should have to pay for someone's shoddy product.

Carole S.

Lindah said...

aaarghhh to the new washers! My experience is similar to yours with a new Maytag. No soak cycle! How do I get my farmers' clothes clean??? Lid is locked once you hit the start button, so no fill and let sit with the lid open for a soak. Cannot look in to see 'what's going on.' Have no idea whether the hot water is hot, or how delicate the delicate cycle is. I wash everything in the hottest/heaviest/deepest water cycle available, just hoping they will get clean. The manueal warns that soap must be put in first or beater-thingy will not work properly. I refuse to buy the high priced HE soap; I'm still making my own and hoping for the best. Noisy in different way. No done buzzer. Now the clincher: my *husband* bought this machine. He insists on buying the appliances so he can *dicker* on the prices. So, there is no returning the miserable machine. Frankly, I hope it crashes real soon. Next time I will *insist* on picking out my own washer! I hate to think of finishing out my laundering life with this machine, but at my age, it could very well be the last one I will need. :-( I hope your situation gets resolved in an acceptable fashion soon. I wish there was some way we could vote out the "officials" who have nothing better to do than write nit-picky rules and regulations i.e for such things as washers. If we could get rid of them, we probably would solve the national debt!

Purple Pam said...

Send that sucker back. If it does not work well, or it does not work as well as you were lead to believe, then send it back. I do not like returning things at all either, but in this case, I certainly would return the machine. Just do it!!! And do not feel bad about it. Do not let the person on the phone whom you will certainly talk to talk you into keeping it. Just return it, please, and get something else that works better for you. After all, it is your money and you should receive value for your purchase, not disappointment,

Penny from S.C. said...

I would definitely return it. I had to buy one a year or so ago. I was able to find one for less than $400 and it does the job. Nothing fancy but it works!

Sherrill said...

I got a new set a year or so ago and LOVE it! It really washes the clothes and wrings the heck out of em, so much so that you almost don't need the dryer. HA I also use only cold to wash so never really checked how hot the water is.

Unknown said...

I bought a new Sears top of the line washer and dryer. It would only start when it felt like. Sometimes I would push the button and it worked fine but other times I would have to push it 3 or 4 times to get it to start. I called Sears repair and they told me I was the problem. I wasn't pushing the button properly. I told them to keep in mind I have been doing laundry for over 50 years and I do have a Masters degree in technology from George Wahington University so I am a highly qualified button pusher. They had to replace the sensor panel with a $450 part. Good thing it was under warranty.

Crystal in Cedar City

QuiltinLibraryLady said...

1.) I've never had a washing machine with a buzzer.

2.) Government should attend to the things they're supposed to and keep their noses out of our laundry rooms.

3.) I hope you returned the machine. Having to get hot water into it by using buckets is ridiculous...that wouldn't make sense for a younger person, never mind a senior citizen.

4.) I had a dud of a kitchen range from GE and a crappy dealer who didn't want to stand behind it so NO MORE GE for me. I went over his head to the company & that really made him mad. Too bad!

Isn't it good we have our sewing to calm us down when there's so much insanity in the world?