Wednesday, August 31, 2016

More on Frixion Pens, and DONE with "Heinz 57"

Hand quilted!!!  D O N E!

My last post included info on using the hair dryer to whoosh all the Frixion lines away.  I misspoke  - many of the lines reappeared later, where I had used the hair dryer.  Oh dear, PANIC time, but then I followed directions (!!!) and used my iron.  I had resisted the iron because my blocks had been marked with the traditional  blue pen - you know, the ones where you absolutely CANNOT use iron on them -  and I was afraid of some possible error.  I used the Frixion only on the border gridwork, and they disappeared with the iron.  Whew!

This quilt is called "Heinz 57."  It's 74" x 84".   There are 49 blocks in the top and 8 leftover (equal 57 varieties) that I'll put on the back - kinda late in the plan but .....  The blocks were made about years ago, and I remember the absolute delight making them - using 1.5 inch and  2.5 inch  leftover pieces.  The blocks are each different.  Each one was put together little regard for "matching" other than light and dark placement, and I LOVE how even "mismatched" blocks look great and present new color combinations, previously not considered.  The dark green border on each block gives continuity.  I'm remembering I could not stop making those cute blocks!!!! 

I did not continue the grid quilting to the edge.  It seemed 4 lines was enough.  This is a country-like quilt, all hand quilted.  I have a small hole in the back to repair, and another on the top, where seams pulled apart.  (Check those seams, Elaine!! before basting it).

Finally, thank you Ms. Victoria, of Park Hill Farm blog, for helping me figure out to make "My Blog List" on my page.  I will add more.   


Janet O. said...

I am in love with this quilt, Elaine! It just sparkles with scrappy goodness, and it is my favorite block pattern.
Good job hand quilting it.
Thanks for the update on the frixion pen experience. Still haven't gathered the courage to try them.
Vic is a gem. I have had the privilege of meeting and enjoying an afternoon with her and another blog friend, Grace.

Gypsy Quilter said...

Great job! Glad the pen conundrum was resolved.

Scrap and quilts said...

Happy to hear all the frixion ink is gone. It is such a beautiful quilt, it would have been very sad if it was "stained" from day one. I love the name too. I have to make one and use that name. (if you don't mind?) Great job and congrats on finishing the top. ;^)

Ruth said...

I love this quilt and the way the side triangle fabric continues into the border. It is gorgeous! Thanks for your emails about the frixion pens. I still would like to try them and will keep your info in mind.

paulette said...

Stunning...and a happy ending!

Ramblings from Randi the Wild Rose Quilter said...

Love your quilt!

Purple Pam said...

Your Heinz 57, aka churn dash, is wonderful. I like the way it looks when placed on point. Great job, again!