Monday, September 05, 2016

Another Spider Web, different approach

My blocks are together, as are a few rows.  My goal this time was to learn how to "complete" each web before the border starts .  No chopped off webs!  I'll probably make a narrow border, then a wider one.   Backgrounds are also scrappy.  This started a few weeks ago, with a real in-person meeting with Karla Alexander (many quilt books!).  Her pattern is called "Tango" - done in blues.  I wish I had used blues, since I'd already had made a spider web with earth colors.  Oh well!  This is one of those "can't see the forest for the trees" syndromes - I just was so intent on the newer method, I totally forgot choices of colors.  LOL

Again, here is how it goes together - not like you might expect.  See the diagonal seam line across the block?  2 of them fit together to make the square block. 

Here is my previous finished quilt - I like it but don't like how the webs kinda just stop where they meet the borders.  Soooo, now I have two!  Good grief. 


Nann said...

Oh, those cobwebs proliferate! I think you will be pleased with the whole-web version. I agree about the look of the half-webs.

Janet O. said...

I guess so many quilts, especially those set on point, can end with half blocks that it had never occurred to me that there could be a better way. It does look nice the way the webs on your new version just seem to float on the quilt top.

Ruth said...

I like it better too! I will need to keep it in mind if I ever get one of these quilts made - which I really want to do.