Tuesday, August 14, 2018

House Painting

(This post is mostly for journal purposes, you know, when we reminisce, "when did we paint the house?" )

Where do these lilies come from????  NOTHING has grown in this area for years and then one day, up pops this charming flower.  We call them naked ladies, some say painted ladies.  The painter has already been working on this side of the garage.

NOTHING is charming about this mess but it will be better soon.  Our painter Dean is cocooning us with paper/plastic over all the windows.  It will be better soon.  We really missed being able to roll  out the awning as it was all wrapped in plastic as well!

We had to give up on shutter repairs, bite the bullet and buy new.  Hail and heat were hard on the old ones, now brittle and broken.  However, hail did NOT destroy my hostas this year - a new record!   Yeahhhhh!


Wonky Girl said...

Just look at it this way..... at least you are not doing the painting. ;-)

Nina Athena said...

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